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I don’t miss the buggies.

Prior to moving here, I lived on the Central Coast for many years. While I miss having access to the ocean, I certainly don’t miss the bugs. Mosquitos were the most annoying due to both numbers and tenacity, but what I really hated at first (but later learned to live with) were the leeches.
Picture this, you’re comfy in your armchair watching TV, and your favourite cat settles on your lap – bliss. The problem is, in an alarming number of cases, when the cat moves on you find a leech dining on your leg. Thanks cat!


5 Responses

  1. I’ve had this happen. Never fun! Also has happen when the cat finds that your back is a really comfy place to sleep, while you are sleeping too. Don’t, under any circumstances, roll over!Thanks for stopping by my blog! I shall return to yours.Have you ever been to Campbell River? Sad to say, I have lived here all my life and have never been there.

  2. Hey someone actually read my blog! Thanks for dropping by. I had a cat sleeping against me the other night and when I turned over I flipped him off the bed, poor bastard.No I haven’t been to Campbell River, I shared a house with this guy for just under a year in Ontario – until he hooked up with a girl and stuffed things up. His now on his second marriage.Now that I know someone drops by I’ll have to write some more – most of it seems boring compared to Pioneer Woman and others that I read.

  3. Willowtree. Willowtree. Willowtree.Someone who picks such a deliscious name for their blog has an obligation to write more……….. Besides we all like to hear about the nasties…… like leeches and showerless days……….*screeeeeeeech*did I just read somewhere on your blog that you dont shower until you have enough rainwater?ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwYES! you definitely must tell us more!!!

  4. So this is what is taking your time. What happened to our ‘chats’? :O)

  5. Oh my…I was going to play one-ups-man-ship on you with my story about No-seeums…then I got to the word LEECH…forget my story.

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