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Its amazing what a little encouragement can do.

I have been reading an absolutely engrossing multi-part story on “Somewhere on the Masthead” and had pretty much decided that I am so bad in comparison that I would burn my keyboard and never waste anyone’s time with my pitiful crap again. (I know those of you familiar with grammar would say that sentence is way too long, and I agree). Well just as I was getting out the lighter fluid, I got a note of encouragement from MJ. Thank you for your kind words, I plan to start my book tommorow (not).

Anyway that being the case I may, write about some of my experiences. After all, I have been around the world twice and worked from 2km underground to 300m in the the air.

Or maybe I could write about the six months I lived in a Kombi in far Northern Queensland with MDW (my darling wife), speaking of which, here they both are with me in a much younger and thinner time.

By the way MJ, if I ever become a millionaire through my writing I’ll cut you in.


One Response

  1. OK.. good hook. I want to hear about all of the above!!Great pics too.Put the lighter fluid away!! And don’t fret too much about grammar.. I’m the worst offender. And I like to end sentances in prepositions and do stupid things like that. It’s ok!And don’t worry about a search party – I survived my date. Details to follow shortly on my own blog – when life cuts me some slack and allows me some time in front of the PC!~Marnie

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