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That’s not a collar, this is a collar

I was just directed to humble beginings by Julie who suggested I read and article about clerical collars. Well as it turns out I already know about them. Here are a couple of old pictures of me and my family.

The colour photo is my brother, my father and my aunty, the black & white photo is me and my two brothers. It’s a bit hard to make it out in the photos, but the collar my brother has on is made of the same material that the smaller dog-collars are made of and are meant to represent the tablets that Moses got the ten commandments on.

I just found this one! Its taken about 10 years after the first two and its at my non-cleric brother’s wedding.

Sorry about the poor quality pics but they are pretty old.


3 Responses

  1. Sweet photos!!! I especially like the last one at the wedding!! Is that you there on the end (on the right)? Gotta love the hair!!

  2. Yep that’s me. Unfortunately I parted company with my hair years ago. (I wrote this before but the comment seems to have disappeared. And yes the pun was intended).I also wrote about humble beginnings but oh well.

  3. Checking this post out from your link on songbird -Is that your mom and dad in the wedding photo? Because if it is – WOW – you boys all GREW!! (love the brother’s hair – now THAT is an afro! hee hee)

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