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The downside of being lazy.

I thought that getting a dog would make me happy, and it did to a certain extent. Then the dog wanted me to play with him. This was quite understandable given that he was a nine month old beagle that was rescued from the pound. Problem was he wanted to play with me all the time, and if I wasn’t available MDW’s jewellery seem to work for him.

My idea was to play for a few minutes every so often and then go back to watching TV, his idea was to play all the time. So I came up with a brilliant plan! "I’ll get another dog to keep him company". This time I got a nine month old pugalier, also from the pound.

That worked OK for a couple of days but they soon realised that the yard was too small for any meaningful rough and tumble chasings. They did however discover that inside the house was just the ticket for hide and attack. This had the added bonus of if they kept it up long enough I’d get pissed off and be forced to take them to the park.

Well, now I had 2 dogs and still had to go to the park! This required some outside the box type thinking. "I’ve got it! I’ll buy a place in the country." So now I live on a small acreage nestled in between some really large properties. And all I have to do now is open the gate and let them go crazy in the 6,000 acres of cattle country that surrounds us. They don’t bother stock so there’s no risk of the owners shooting them.

Oh, and the downside? In the last three months alone they have brought back 3 kangaroo legs, 2 ‘roo tails, parts of several foxes,  a few rabbits and bizarely, several cows hooves (they just love chewing on them). Now I must assure you that the dogs aren’t savage (we are talking about a beagle and a pugalier). Most of the stuff is from roadkill, or in the case of the rabbits, the foxes kill them but just take the good bits as they are so plentiful.

Oh, and did I mention the 40 lbs of cow, bull, horse and roo crap that they have brought home on their coats. And that’s just in the last three months, since we’ve been here they’ve probably tranpsorted closer to 150lbs of poop from the paddock to the house in the form of aftershave.



2 Responses

  1. Hey Willowtree! You could take some photos of the bits that the dogs bring back and you and Pioneer Woman can have a Whose photo is grosser (is that even a word?) contest. :)Hey! Thanks for entering me in the photo naming contest! Loved that entry! 🙂

  2. You’re welcome. Too bad we didn’t win.

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