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My dogs are goodfellas.

I used the term goodfellas instead of mob or mafia because I didn’t want stray googlers being disappointed, but the intent is the same. The dogs are running some kind of racketeering scam.

I suppose I should explain (and this is a true story). A little while ago I noticed that the dogs weren’t chasing the cats as much as they used to, it was never really a problem because they lost interest once they caught them, or if the cats stopped running. Plus the cats used to start it sometimes by running straight past the dogs’ noses when they were lying down. It was however, a bit strange.

Next I noticed was that there seemed to be a lot of mice around. Well, they weren’t actually around, they were in the pug’s mouth. He’s pretty funny to watch, it’s like he’s chewing bubble gum with a liquid centre. When he’s finished all that’s left is an empty, fully intact mouse suit. But still, there seemed to be a lot of them and with two cats there should be almost none.

Then one day I was sitting out the back and I spotted one of the cats running across the paddock towards the house, as he got closer I could make out the telltale signs of a mouse. Actually, I could make out the actual tail of a mouse, its body being clenched between Buzz’s teeth.

What happened next really surprised me. The cat climbed the fence into the house yard and sauntered (you don’t often get the opportunity to use sauntered in a sentence) to where the dogs were and dropped the mouse at their feet. Buddy was happy and I was stunned. I’ve now seen this happen about 4 times and am convinced that the cats are paying protection mice.



One Response

  1. The cat thinks the dogs are its babies. I’ve seen this happen before. Has the cat brought you a mouse??? You are next. Hope you thank the cat properly and pretend to chew it with relish. (It might be tastier with a little relish.)Ever see the movie “Never Cry Wolf” (guy eats mice while he is up in the northern canadian wilderness … scientific research)

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