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Free at Last! Pt 2 (the story)

If you’ve just joined us you should read the background first, otherwise let us continue. So I’m driving back to my place in good spirits, having not only picked up the car part but also a whole heap of breakfast cereal and flavoured milk. A friend’s wife (she’s my friend too) works for the company that makes it, and she always seems to have some to give me.

The only thing putting a damper on the trip was whether to stop at my brother’s or not, I really don’t like stopping because the place never has a positive atmosphere and it makes the trip at least an hour longer. Although I have an hour to mull it over, it’s only as I approach their house that I decide to call in.

Great! My brother is out with his son picking up something for the toxic bitch but will be back in 5 minutes, so it looks like I’ll have to talk to her. After the initial 10 minutes had passed, during which time she regaled me with tales of my brother’s inadequacies and character faults she made a coffee and we sat down to chat. My brother used to engage in character assassination of her until about ten years ago, when I told him that it was between them and leave me out of it.

We’d been chatting for about five minutes when her cell phone rang; it was her son sending her a text message with a picture of a storage box asking if it was the one she wanted. As she was texting him back she got a call from my brother and they sorted everything out. She then turned to me waiting for some kind of adulation at how technologically savvy she was. I gave none. So to highlight the point she told me about how she was able to call her daughter in school last week. Now here’s where it starts to get interesting. “I really don’t think that cell phones should be used while a lesson is in progress”, I said in a conversational manner.

“You don’t have kids so you wouldn’t know how important it is to be able to keep in touch” she retorted. Thanks for reminding me I don’t have kids, I’d completely forgotten. “Nevertheless, I don’t think anything could be that important as to interrupt a class” I replied (yes I actually said nevertheless).

“Well my teacher had to use his in class last week because he’s going to teach in Abbu Dabbi and he had to arrange his flight” shot back the rebuff, the volume rising slightly. Ah, this must be that guy you told me about three times in the last 4 weeks (instant messenger), the one who is a cross between Mohatma Ghandi and Albert Einstien. “That doesn’t seem all that critical to me, he could have done that when the class wasn’t in session”, was my implacable reply.

“But he had to…” she blurted. Yes I know, he had to book a flight. “I think we’re going to have to agree to disagree on this one” I said interrupting her. Ah no, she was having none of that and rather than do a ‘she said, I said’ description for the next 3 pages I’ll just give you the précis.

The next two times she started to talk (repeating the same point), I stopped her and said that we weren’t going to reach an accord so let’s just accept that we disagree. But to no avail, she was like a dog with a bone, but unfortunately without an argument. She then informed me that the teachers don’t teach the same as when I was in school, after all, this was TAFE (Technical and Further Education. These are trade schools that occasionally do special interest courses which she has been taking). And she was right, teachers aren’t the same as when I was in school, but they are the same as when at 33 yrs old I applied to, sat an entrance exam for, was accepted into and completed a Science degree in computers at Newcastle University. But I guess she forgot that.

Now she’s really starting to get riled, I realized that contrary to my understanding of things, it was not acceptable for me to have my own opinion on the subject. Unbelievably she tries for a fourth time to tell my about this guy booking a flight, it was at this point that I calmly said “I don’t care about him. I’m not trying to change your view and you’ve got no chance of changing mine. If you’re going keep going until I agree, let’s save time – I’m not going to agree with you. This is why I keep suggesting that we agree to disagree”.

Well shit! She went ballistic. She then mistook me for her son and told me that I could just wait till my brother got home and talk to him and stormed off. Are you kidding? You’ve just given me the opportunity of a lifetime! You’ve just given me permission to never have to deal with your sorry ass again.

So without another word, I grabbed the dogs, walked to my car got in and drove away. There is one more little bit but the post is already too long so I’ll put it in a postscript tomorrow.

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