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I’d prefer a clock radio.

I don’t want to exaggerate and make out like this happens all the time, it doesn’t, but twice is enough for me.

These fellas are Sulphur-crested Cockatoos, they are common to the area. You’ve probably seen one, they have yellow feathers that stand up on their head (crest) hence the name.

Here’s a closer look so you know what I’m talking about. These bad boys can get pretty big and usually have a wingspan of just under 4ft, and they’re really loud.

The thing I’ve noticed living here is that the flocks, regardless of the type of bird, are really big. In the case of the Cockatoos I’ve seen as many a 200-300 at a time. Now that’s quite spectacular to look at, but a real pain in the arse when they’re on my roof (galvanised corrugated iron) at 4:30 in the morning. Three hundred sets of claws trying to find purchase on the metal soon gets you out of bed. On top of that, the din is almost unbearable, not to mention having to straighten out my antenna when they go.

And if you think I’m making this up I just checked the field guide and it says that their body is between 20 and 24 inches and they have an extremely raucous screech.


4 Responses

  1. I could not handle that. I would be out there with a potato gun shooting their feathers off. They aren’t endangered or anything are they???

  2. I don’t think so.

  3. Marnie that is great!!! What an idea! WT – when I was a kid we had neighbors that had Guineas. Oh how I hated them. They were loud. They were annoying. I wanted to shoot them, but Mom wouldn’t let me. I should have asked Dad. 🙂 I can honestly say that I don’t think the Guineas were half as bad as what you are dealing with. You might want to borrow Marnie’s potato gun!

  4. At least they’re amazing to look at. And, these days, I’m awake then, anyway :/.We have a hickory tree outside our bedroom window…damn thing drops hickory nuts ALL NIGHT LONG and they’re loud (during the fall? winter??). I think it only bears fruit (nuts?) every other year, I don’t remember it before last year. Hmmm, maybe that’s when the pattern of sleep deprivation began………….Oh, yeah, a potato gun won’t work on that…gotta pull out A CHAINSAW! Vrrrooooom vroooom!

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