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A failure to comunicate. Pt 2

If you’ve read any of my stuff you’ll know that I spent a number of years in San Jose, so it isn’t place name dropping when I say that this is where the following occured. We lived in a ground floor apartment with only one floor above us, the San Andreas Fault meant that there were very few multi storey apartment buildings, that and there was a lot more space than in San Francisco.

This is the apartment where we lived, we were ground floor at the far end of the building.

In the apartment directly above us lived a Korean guy (this is really strange) who used to come out of this front door every morning and have 7 loud sneezes in quick succession, always 7 and always loud. Years later we read somewhere that it has something to do with a reaction to sunlight and in fact, affects a number of people (honest). This story has nothing to do with that, but it was strange and it always made us laugh.

I used to love to cook in our little patio on our little hibachi, everything was small. And while I cooked I liked to drink and smoke – after all this was a bbq! I also liked the occasional doobie – after all this was California.

And this would be the hibachi. Not all that earth shattering but I have a lot of good memories from it. The wood and debris lying around would be part of some project that I was working on, as this 3ft x 6ft area also doubled as my home workshop, a bit diferrent to the 30ft x 90ft shed I use today.

So, I was out cooking one day when the guy from upstairs came to the front door. Now I had never spoken to to him before (mainly because I don’t speak Korean and he didn’t speak Ingrish), but we always either waved or gave a head nod by way of greeting. We Aussies are just friendly like that.

Anyway when I opened the door, he asked me if I was Ewan Budd. I looked at him for a moment and replied “Sorry mate, my name’s Peter. I don’t know any Ewan”. He was holding a paper bag and repeated “Ewan Budd?”. Again I informed him that Ewan did not live here.

“No, no, no” came a somewhat emphatic reply, this time holding up the brown paper bag he repeated, “You wan bud?, You wan bud?”.

Ah! now you’re talking my language! I hadn’t taken this guy to be a dope smoker but as I’ve said, this is California. Plus if he’s giving it away he can’t be much of a pothead.

“Firkin oath” I replied enthusiastically. He just handed me the bag and went back upstairs. It only took a second to drink in the joy of this amazing piece of serendipity and I was back in side eagerly anticipating the effects of this unexpected but welcome present.

So it was with some bemusement and a lot of disappiontment that this is the ‘bud’ I found when I opened the bag…..


4 Responses

  1. Thats gotta be one of the funniest posts I’ve read so far !!! But you need to read some of my daughters blog at klraisldreamings.blogspot.comshe has young kids that are a hoot. YES YES YES. I have the same sneezing problem. Several years back I read in Science Mag that it was an allergy to ultra violet light. People always think I’m some kind of a weirdo when we walk out of a building into bright sunlight. (But it feels soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good)

  2. Pamela, you’ve no idea how good it is to read your comment. For almot 25 years people have looked at me funny when I’ve told them about the guy who sneezed when he went outside.I’ve got all their names and addresses, if I send them to you could you write them all and tell them I was right?

  3. ROFL!! That is hilarious!!! What did you do with the bud? Oh and I used to work for a doctor and we had several patients allergic to UV light. These people you speak of must not be too “bright!”

  4. Too funny! I enjoyed that story!!Thanks for stopping by – and thanks to my mom for sending you!Oh No – you won’t dry up with stories….pretty soon you will be seeing blog topics EVERYWHERE you go!!! Like sneezing – it has become addicting!

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