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I had a thought about blogging.

I had planned to keep this as a draft for when the creative juices dried up so I would at least have a filler, but apparently the Blogging Chicks have this for the topic of their upcoming Carnival so I’m going to post it now to prove I’m not a copycat. It was written last night.

Being new to blogging I’m presently caught up in the novelty of it all. I really only started because I was reading blogs and didn’t like to leave a comment as anon, so I got a blogger account. Then I figured what the hell I might as well write something.

I’ve always said that I’d prefer to read blogs and leave comments rather than write my own, that’s not to say I don’t enjoy writing mine, I just enjoy reading other’s more. I’ve got three or four that I check everyday and many more that I check every few days, its great to look into other people’s lives.

Then it dawned on me why I like the whole blogging thing! As a young child I was always envious of other kids who had a pen-friend but I never had the gumption to find out how to get one for myself. To me blogging is very much like the 21st century equivalent of penfriends.

Sure, as I got older and made acquaintances, I wrote and received letters. And later still sent and received regular emails. But this is different, here you don’t know the people you’re writing to but can still become friends without ever meeting them. And that to me is the whole point, sharing something with someone you have no plans to ever meet.

I’ve always felt chatrooms to be a bit unsavoury (from the stuff I’ve seen on TV) and in truth have never been in one. Same goes for forums, although I’ve looked at a few but there always seems to be arguments and insults, something that is conspicuously absent from the blogs that I read.

The only problem now is, after 2 months of blogging I’m starting to realise that after a few more funny stories and a handful of pictures, my good stuff will all be used up and my boring life will catch up with me and I’ll be fucked. Hopefully I’ll cause myself some harm before then, that’s always good for a laugh.

Speaking of having a laugh, after two months of laboriously hand checking my spelling because the spell checker has never worked, I just discovered it was because I had popups disabled. sheesh.


7 Responses

  1. WT – I always wanted a penpal! I really never thought about it this way. Very nice! Oh and I would never acuse you of plagerism. 🙂 And you are forgiven for the whole photo contest comment. Can you believe there were 60 comments? Ree is going to have a hard time with that one.

  2. “The only problem now is, after 2 months of blogging I’m starting to realise that after a few more funny stories and a handful of pictures, my good stuff will all be used up and my boring life will catch up with me and I’ll be fucked.”The essence of why I only post once or twice a week. If I posted daily I think I would last about 2 weeks then might have to speak of the consistency of my dogs bowel movements or even worse… my job.

  3. right – some days I feel I have loads to post about and then other days I have NOTHING – I guess those days it is good to post a cool picture…

  4. hey, when we run out of topics we can be movie critics, book reviewerss, psychic forums, joke tellers. We could even share recipe’s. (that last one was a real stretch. I’m going to Applebee’s.)as for the Bowel Movement stories… that is just a given as we age. You wanna hear about my latest ailment? My trifoculs?I’m not leaving you alone – so pen pal away.

  5. I followed a “Blogging Chick” link in — and have enjoyed my visit. I think you need to keep doing what you are doing. I found your posts to be wonderful. Life happens. Blog about it. You’ve done great so far. I do have a comment about one of your entries. I agree with YOU — and I do have kids (well, ok…down to just one at home). He has a cell phone, but, they are to be turned off at school. If they ring during class, they are confiscated. First offense, they get back at the end of class (from the principle). 2nd office, parents are called. 3rd offense…I’m thinking the school keeps the phone,but I’m not sure on that one. I do agree with you. There is NOTHING that is so important that a child is to be disturbed during class time. IF it IS “that” important, then it should go through the school office. My son does alot of afterschool things (drama, vocal, etc), so we got it for him so when he is ready to pick up, he can call me…. isntead of me sitting for hours out in the parking lot (pre-cell phone days). So, kids or not, you were right on the mark with your opinion of not disturbing a child (and the rest of the class! and the teacher!) while school is in session.Mind if I mark you as a daily read?

  6. Holy Crap!! This is the first time I ever been able to do multiple replies, I’ve seen it before but as I don’t usually get many comments (thanks marnie and julie for keeping me going) I’ve never needed to do it.marnie: thanks for the bowel movement update. if you ever spend time in Asia you’ll find this is a daily topic of conversation among travellers.kamyrn: I agree with you about judicious use of pictures, in fact I went out today looking for some.pamela: I’ve had a prescription for tri-focals for about 10 months and am refusing to get the glasses made. Must be some kind of ageing issue I have. Speaking of recipies, I’m just about to post a pic of what I’m cooking tonight!welcome carolyn and thanks for the vote of confidence. “Mind if you mark me as a daily read?” Are you kidding! You actually agree with something I wrote (and had some nice input), I insist you mark me as daily (I do try to post daily)

  7. Too bad you’re not a blogging chick, this was a great post! Maybe you should start your own carnival/webring. Blogging Roosters. Hey, it was just a thought!

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