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Why I don’t waste wood.

My fire is very efficient, and the wood I use is only from dead trees and doesn’t cost anything. And yes, I only have to go 100ft to get to where all the good wood is. So why am I so stingy about how much wood I use? Well that answer lies below…..

These are two of the four bulls that have been in this paddock for the past 4 months. Yep you guessed it, the same paddock as the wood. Now, admittedly there’s 2 thousand acres (not mine) that I can get wood from, but I like this paddock because I just take a wheelbarrow and go get it, everywhere else I need to hook up my trailer and drive to where it is.

I know they don’t look too dangerous because they are polled Angus (i.e., bred without horns), but what they are is 2 tons of muscle and attitude. Right now they’re not too bad because they are separated from the breeding stock, but they are lightning quick when they get annoyed.

I have gotten firewood while they’ve been around and its OK, but you do have to be aware that they are there. I usually wait until they are on the other side of the paddock before I go in, and for the last 4 weeks I’ve been burning wood from a dead tree on my property.


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  1. My mom has a bull that looks exactly like the one in the top photo. He gets a little wild on occasion and scares the bejeezus out of her (and me). He actually charged her truck when she wasn’t throwing hay out of the back fast enough for him.

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