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Let’s ask the viewers.

Yesterday while I was bumping into walls and cooking beans, the two are not related but just happened on the same day. Damn that evil demon liquor! Anyway, I was thinking of what I could write and thought “what about my brush with death?”. Then I realised that this was a multiple choice question so I’ll put it to you – would you rather:

  1. The time I fell of a roof.
  2. My head-on collision with a concrete truck.
  3. Hitch-hiking in southern Florida.
  4. Sailing on Los Banos.
  5. A trip to the optometrist.

One of them is a genuine brush the others could have gone very badly. Incidentally, they are listed in chronological order. Oh, and this is not MacDonalds, none of these have been written yet.



Ok, so its tomorrow morning (what?) and the beans are done.

These little babies taste great!

There was one wrinkle though, I didn’t think I had enough beans so I added a handful of another kind (no I don’t know what kind, I’ve been using them as decoration in a jar for a year, but I do know they were made out of titanium) and as a result some are a bit crunchy.

Because of my stuff up, I’m calling this dish ‘gado gado baked beans’ in honour of the Indonesian dish with peanuts. Mine doesn’t look or taste anything like gado gado but it sure seems like you’re eating peanuts.

Julie, you would be one of the most insightful bloggers I’ve seen, you always ask questions about something I either forgot to mention or should have. So the answer is – no I’m not having cornbread but if you post a recipe I will next time. I’m having this bread…

This is what that little bread maker/ toaster oven is capable of.