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Holy Crap!

You know how you tend to go and check out the blogs of people who leave coments? Well over the last week I’ve been amazed at how many have turned out to be committed Christians, in Oz there just isn’t the same type of culture (no we’re not pagans, we just enjoy blood sacrifice). Thankfully I haven’t found any prosthelatysing, just well written wholesome vignettes.

Forget about Blogging Chicks, you guys should get together and form Bible Bloggers. ‘Praise the Lord and pass the keyboard’. Absolutley no offence is intended by that last remark, it just popped into my head and sounded funny.


10 Responses

  1. Love that universal church thing, all historical and global and just beautiful.

  2. “Praise the Lord and Pass the Keyboard.” I love it. Has the makings of a great Blog. I’d start it up, but I’m already a little busy with the ones I have.

  3. I love it! “Praise the Lord and Pass the Keyboard”! ! ! !

  4. You are right – I noticed that too… (but if you dig deeper – there are actually a couple of WICCA ladies dispersed in there – and some OTHERS too!)

  5. I’m glad I didn’t offend anyone with that Pass the keyboard remark. Welcome shauna and gina if I haven’t aleady welcomed you, since julie put a link to me I don’t know whether I’m coming or going. Used to be I could remember who was new by the fact that they weren’t one of the two that read my stuff.

  6. Hi! Yes, I’m another vignette writing, committed Christian, blogging chick… following links… and enjoyed reading some of your ramblings. Have always wanted to see New Zealand and Aus-land. Cute pets. One of my dogs literally climbs into my spot, puts his head on my pillow, and with my blanket tucked under his ‘armpits’ looking just like a person… I have a photo somewhere to prove it.

  7. I thought it was”Paise the Lord and Pass the ammunition..”that probably will take us back to your pot of beans.I think that there was a core group of christian bloggers. I thin of myself as a christian, but my blog is just life in general.

  8. tranthegirl: welcome and thanks for leaving a comment, the beagle does what you’re talking about and I’ll post a pic to prove it.pamela: go to the top of the class, that is exactly the phrase that inspired my remark.

  9. You talkin’ to ME? YOU talking to ME??? (didja hear the tough guy routine, complete with finger poking in the chest?)LOL…from another Xian Blogging Chick, who happens to have a raging headache, so this will have to suffice for comments. Been away from the blog for the most part today……..and THIS is what I find.

  10. Love your word choices. In Nebraska, the religious right just nod benignly at us lapsers. They know we are going straight to hell. And not in a handbasket either. We are going in our wicca baskets…..But once football season starts, we all get along fine. The Cornhuskers unite us all in a red ritual of love.

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