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More gratuitous pet pics.

I get that it’s chilly, I get that you guys like each other, I even get that (apart from eating) this is your favourite activity. What I don’t get is, given that it’s a queen size bed, why do you all have to sleep on my bit?!



8 Responses

  1. So I’m brain-deep in a soul-searching email to a friend who’s rather desperate at the moment, when I get that “you’ve got mail” ring…and it was you:). Your comment made me grin, BIG, and me likey to grin:D, especially BIG!Thanks for dropping by…love this pic….ah, family togetherness. And right about then, although you sound like you’re trying to fuss a bit, I think your heart was warm and fuzzy. (and it’s hot as HADES where I am right now!)

  2. Found your website through Robin’s. Cute pic! Don’t have a dog myself but love visiting my parents’ dog. Don’t love, so much having only 3 inches of the edge of a queen size bed while the puppy has the rest. Aw, who am I kidding. I love feeling her warm furry body cuddle next to mine!

  3. Didn’t you know that your bit is the most comfortable part of the bed??

  4. Cute dogs. They got nothing on my puggles though 😉

  5. Love to see a picture of puggles.

  6. I miss my dog.I wrote about him on my blog not so very long ago. I’m jealouse – by the by? who crocheted your aghan? don’t tell me you cook beans and crochet, too?

  7. That rug was crocheted by my favourite aunt, but my wife extended it to fit a queen bed. this should be a picture of her

  8. Ah but your bit has your warm snuggly scent so if you want them off your bit, then sleep on the OTHER side a bit and then your new bit will be their bit, then you take over the old bit and everyone will have a little bit.

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