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What gives?

How come the CSI crew treat every spec of dust around a crime scene as if it were a relic from the Last Supper – ‘bag, tag and maintain the chain of evidence’, while these new guys in the Criminal Minds gang just play with evidence like its a toy.

Just because the CM gang use profiling and extraordinary powers of mental deduction to catch the bad guy (yeah sure, I remember Jason Gideon when he was a hospital administrator! Come to think of it I remember Dr. Ben Gideon, when he was a detective) that doesn’t mean they can pull the bomb triggering mechanism out of a cardboard evidence box and start playing with it barehanded! Grissom would have a heart attack, but then he doesn’t seem to have much of a sense of humour.

The CSI guys can tell you what school the killer went to just by the angle of the bullet into the ‘vic’, while the CM crew can tell you what the ‘unsub’ thinks about the proper way to peel an apple simply by looking at photos of the crime scene. And I’m not even going to mention how the Numb3rs people can foil any plot with a blackboard and a calculator (and yes, I remember the FBI agent when he was a doctor).

But here’s the thing, why do we need all the high tech labs and idiot savants when the guys over at NYPD Blue have been getting convictions for twelve years with nothing more than a yellow writing pad and the ability to convince the ‘perp’ that his buddy next door is about to cop a plea so they better get in first. And if that doesn’t work, Andy Sipowiz can just smack them upside the head a coupla times.

Come to think of it, NY must have the best educated crims in America! In all the time I watched it, I never saw a ‘perp’ hand back the pad and say “Are you fucking kidding! I’m a $2.50 an hour wetback, how the fuck do you expect me to write all that when I can’t even write my own fucking name!”

And another thing, why don’t the crew from CSI just turn the fucking light on and put those stupid little flashlights away!

Ahhh that feels much better.

(I threw in some extra cussing in case robin needs an escape from setting an example)


That’s why I feel so weird!

I’ve been a bit sneaky here and changed the timestamp (there’s no way I would get up that early) so that this would be here for anyone who does a morning read.

So, if you’ve been feeling a little odd the last day or so, maybe a bit hyper-sensitive or perhaps anxious without knowing why, I may have the answer. All you Wiccas out there, and anyone living on a ranch would be aware of this, but city dwellers may not have noticed the extra brightness due to the amount of light refraction around urban areas.

I took this pic from my front porch this arvo and I reckon its what’s causing all the trouble.

Yessir them darn dead trees can have a helluva effect on people.