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That merits an award.

Robin, you recently put in such a tremendous effort reading all my past posts (and leaving thoughtful comments) that I’m thinking of giving you an award. The problem is I can’t figure out which category you qualify for. It’s either the “dogged determination and persistant patience” award, or the “what the hell are you reading that crap for when there’s dishes in the sink” award. But wait, there may be a late challenger, Pixielyn seems to be attempting the same feat. Maybe you guys could decide who gets what.

BTW it was real elephant shit I was talking about. When it’s wet, the wheels slide out from under you, and when it’s dry it’s like hitting a boulder. “Then why do you keep hitting it?” Because we talking about narrow bush tracks and there’s not much choice.


12 Responses

  1. Just curious – regarding the “eye doctor trilogy” – how is your eyesight now?

  2. I also have been reading your blogs, and have been NOT commenting just so you wouldn’t think I was a stalker!!!ô¿ô But you are welcome to read any of my old posts and comment away.Sorry that I didn’t now. It is fun to hear what people have to say.

  3. Seriously, elephants? Yes, that is such a common occurence in my world. That and the penguins marching through my backyard on their way to true love.

  4. Robin is up for the “Dedicated New Reader” award from “I didn’t say it was your fault…” as well. You go girl!

  5. susan: my eyes are no worse that average for my age, although I now wear bifocals. But I only wear them when I read.pamela: I didn’t mean to make you feel guilty (and you probably don’t). I like comments. out of interest, have you adjusted your settings to have comments emailed to you? If you haven’t you should, that way any comments to old posts will be picked up without you having to keep searching back.heather: I don’t want to show off but in the last 2 months I have seen a dozen kangaroos, tons of foxes, and 2 echindnas all on my property. And within half a mile of my propeerty I’ve come across numerous wombats.MJ: don’t spread this around, but I’ve got a big awards night coming up soon and you’re up for something. ssshhh

  6. I’d like to thank my Mother, Father, not my sister, definitely WillowTree, my dog. Without all of you this wouldn’t be possible.Just practicing my acceptance speech.

  7. Great…just G R E A T. THIS is what I’ll be known for…blogarazzi?! I think I HAVE spent “time” at most of these commentor’s spots, now that I think I about it. What can I say? I gotta know these peeps I’m hanging out with. I can’t just hit and run…no one-night-stands for me;). Ah…it’s a matter of timing…who posts to me, who makes me laugh, and who catches me with the “right” current post when I come over to check ’em out. btw, WT, I changed the name of my foot post, you can read why in the comments if you come a-lurkin’.

  8. Isn’t that Kangaroo thing something the Australians do to fool the tourists?

  9. Beth: It is, but only to people we don’t know, and we’re all friends here.Also, its mainly when it’s said by city dwellers that is a lie, I live in the country and actually do them them regularly

  10. Ah…it’s a matter of timing…who posts to me, who makes me laugh, and who catches me with the “right” current post when I come over to check ’em out.Robin – never a truer word has been written. That’s exactly the same for me.

  11. Come on..a dozen kangaroos?I don’t think so..I dedicated a post to you, and you didn’t even comment..I’m pouting now.

  12. I think it’s utterly ironic that you write this post immediately after the death-defying ones, and THOSE THREe–of all your posts–are the ones I missed? (I should’ve known better than to think they were anything less than what they turned out to be). Unbelieveable. My bad…….

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