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Sky pictures

I was just over at Pamela’s (The Dust Will Wait) catching up on what’s going on and she had posted some really nice sky pictures. Seeing them reminded me that I had some too, so here they are (not all of them, it’s taking too long to upload). These all were taken from my front porch.

This is of the western sky and was taken early March at just after 7:30pm.

This is also the western sky and was taken the end of January at around 8:30pm

This one is late March at 7:00pm, again its the western sky.


The things we do for blog.

Just as I was leaving for here this morning I remembered a shop near our house on Coast that sells kitsch Australiana souvenirs, so I went there to buy a particularly tacky piece of memorabilia so that I could show you guys a photo or two. I wanted to post a short breezy post with pics as a change from the recent bout of long drama filled ones.

What I ended up with was another long drama filled one. On entering the shop I saw the owner and his assistant loading a price gun with a roll of price stickers. Simple enough task you’d think but they seemed to be thoroughly engrossed. Now I don’t know if she was his daughter or he was just trying to impress her, what I do know is that she was showing so much butt crack that I could have used her for a bicycle rack.

Anyway, getting no acknowledgement from them I decided to see if I could find it myself. Ah, there they are! I thought when I spotted a couple of them in the very display counter these two mental giants were leaning on, but they were in pretty bad shape. So I stood patiently while she oohed and ahhed at how clever he was. Still no response so I moved closer, about 12 inches from them in fact. Now having someone stand 12 inches away from you and look directly at you should normally garner some sort of reaction, but not these peckerheads.

After waiting another minute or so I finally said, “When you two are finished playing with your toy…” Butt crack looked like she had been caught speaking in class, but the owner, he was another matter entirely. He looked straight at me and gave me the evil eye, I looked straight back at him and after a few seconds asked if he had any others. “no” was the terse reply dripping with malice.

OK, now I’m steamed. I write much better than I speak and unfortunately I didn’t have a keyboard with me, because if I did I would have written: I’d just like to remind you of the old adage which states that poor service will be remembered long after a cheap price has been forgotten. What I said however was “Mate…doesn’t matter what price you stick on this crap, if you treat your customers like shit it won’t sell anyway.” See what I mean, if I had a chance to look at that on a screen, there’s no way I would have used two different synonyms for faecal matter in the same sentence.

As I was leaving he called me an arshole, or at least I hope he did (I didn’t quite catch it) because I replied with another bit of verbal brilliance “you fuckwitt”. The things I go through for you guys!