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For the cat lovers out there.

The dogs are getting a bit big headed with all the photos of them lately, so I thought it was time for a few cat pics. Sorry if it takes a while to load.

This little fellow is Chewie and is a really tragic story which even as I type this makes me well up. I’ll tell the story one day but for now now here he is.

This guy is Tigger, he comes up to visit if MDW is going to stay for more and a couple of days, otherwise he lives on the Coast with her.

Here’s Buzz.

And here’s Booey.

Buzz and Booey were named after the cartoon characters Buzz Lightyear and Booster because when they were young Buzz was adventurous to the point of recklessness and Booey was his faithful but timid sidekick with an abnormally large head (if you’ve seen the cartoons you’ll know what I mean).



4 Responses

  1. Awww!!! Such beauties!!! Now have we met the whole family? (Sorry, LOL another question.)

  2. Love the cats!!

  3. they’re all beautiful, but Chewie is particularly spectacular! If he’s got a good home now, maybe the story isn’t so tragic after all!!

  4. Sorry C no happy ending, I just posted story.

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