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One night stand.

A person who is interested only in one night stands or even just casual sex with the same person is called a wombat. Which co-incidentally is what that thing on the left is called.
“Why?” you ask. “Because” I reply, “a wombat eats roots and leaves”.

If you’re a bit slow on the uptake, then let me explain…..’to have a root’ is slang for ‘to have sex’.


6 Responses

  1. Do these creatures just roam around in your back yard?

  2. Thanks so much for this information! I’ve certainly met some wombats here in the states.

  3. That picture makes it look quite “piggish” which could also be used for a guy who does that and doesn’t call you afterwards…a pig.

  4. susan: I haven’t seen one in my yard, but they are around. thery’re nocturnal and live in burrows.they’re dangerous on the road, if you hit one it’s like hitting a big rock and they can flip your car.hmmmm my verification is ‘wetie’ kinda like my kisses

  5. Hey, check out the idea for a new carnival at Michelle Pendergrass. As far as I know, no gender exclusion as of yet.

  6. Wombat huh? I found a new word to describe some of the college students I meet this semester. LOL The young ones. They won’t have a clue. I agree with karmyn they look piggish. Thanks Heather! I am going there next!

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