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Hey, that’s my house!

This is a photo of a large photo that I have in my office and shows our place in the country. Everything in the picture except for a few acres around my place belongs to my neighour. The road going past my front door used to be the New England Highway, but it was re-routed years ago and can now be seen in the background (not the line behind my house, that’s a creek). As a result, there’s no traffic on my road. You can click it for a better look.

9 Responses

  1. Nice, very nice. Now, when I make it to the outback, we’ll know just where to find ya ;).

  2. I’m amazed how much this landscape looks like my neck of the woods. I’ll have to try and dig up a picture.

  3. was that photo taken from a plane?

  4. *sigh* just beautiful!!!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous – very scenic! Even more so than clean shiny pet bowls! (which, I do love too! It is like cleaning the toaster – you get satisfaction from seeing your face in the shiny metal!)

  6. Soooo pretty! Great pic.

  7. Yes it was taken from a plane.And thanks for the complements everyone.

  8. What a nice place. Very pretty!! Aren’t you glad the highway was moved? That has to make things more peaceful!

  9. Beautiful!

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