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OUAB venue information.

The venue has now been chosen for the ouabies, if you click on the photo you should be able to see where it is. As I’ve mentioned before, I live a bit out of town. What I haven’t mentioned is that my town lives a bit out of town too. The nearest town of any size is an hour away. My town consists of this pub, the corner store across the road and a fire station.

Hopefully it won’t be as crowded as this on the night. Oh, by the way, the awards night will be tomorrow (morning for you), tonight for me. Good luck everyone.


This is a Stubbie Holder

These are stubbie holders, stubbies being the name given to small bottles of beer. As you can see they come in diferrent variations, the one on the left is styrofoam inside a hard plastic casing and the one on the right is mouse pad material. I’m sure you have them in the States. A point of interest, the one on the right is depicting the Eureka Stockade flag. The Eureka Stockade was a revolt by goldminers against the excessive taxes imposed by the crown.

Is this subliminal advertising?

I just left a comment on Karmyn’s blog and the word verification was fujel, this must be a contraceptive product of some kind.

The OUAB 100th Post Awards are almost here.

Yes it’s almost time, check your local guides for when they are being shown in your area. It would have been sooner but blogger adds drafts to the post count so I was out by a few. Expect a few more bullshit posts in the next day or so.

Parcel Club.

First rule of Parcel Club: don’t talk about it, send it!

MBF and I have this thing going that we call Parcel Club where we look for all sorts of crap to send each other. Err, I mean we send each other really neat stuff. We’ve been doing it on and off for about twenty years.

There are only a few rules:

  1. The postage cannot cost more than the goods being sent.
  2. Stop sending me garbage. (that’s one of mine)
  3. If possible at least one item must be made in the country of origin.
  4. Just because you like it, doesn’t mean I will. (another one of mine)
  5. Where possible, recycle. (the box we’re using now has been back and forth 3 times)
  6. You can’t send a parcel until you receive a parcel.

To give an example of the crap we send, here’s the inventory for the last parcel I sent:

golf shirt, t-shirt, plaid vest, playing cards, road signs, stubbie holder, shot glass, boomerang, aussie flag, vegemite, billy tea, coffee & milk (tube), baseball cap, beanie, assorted printed matter.

I’m mentioning this because MBF told me yesterday that he had just sent the latest parcel, I’ll keep you informed (ha, as if you care, I’m the one getting all the stuff).

Now that’s ironic!

This pretty little thing’s name was Rockie II (not after the movie, our first cat was called Rockie because he used to take of like a rocket, this was our second cat). She was the embodiment of all the things that make non cat people hate cats: aloof, arrogant, spiteful, aggressive, sneaky, mean and totally unaffectionate. And that was on her good days.

She was the first and only pet I’ve ever got from a pet shop, actually she’s the reason we never got another pet from a shop. We’ve had much better luck rescuing them from shelters. She was so particular about everything, from her food to the way you had to pat her, if you weren’t doing it right she would either give you a quick bite on the hand or swat you with her claws. I was the only one she ever really showed any affection for and that was because I wasn’t scared of her, if she bit me, I’d get one in before she bounced away.

From the first day I brought her home she was a total pain in the arse. But unlike Chewie who lasted only 17 short months, this little bitch made our lives a misery for nearly 17 long years. I even ran her over in my car once but still couldn’t kill her, she lasted 10 years after that little incident.