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Now that’s ironic!

This pretty little thing’s name was Rockie II (not after the movie, our first cat was called Rockie because he used to take of like a rocket, this was our second cat). She was the embodiment of all the things that make non cat people hate cats: aloof, arrogant, spiteful, aggressive, sneaky, mean and totally unaffectionate. And that was on her good days.

She was the first and only pet I’ve ever got from a pet shop, actually she’s the reason we never got another pet from a shop. We’ve had much better luck rescuing them from shelters. She was so particular about everything, from her food to the way you had to pat her, if you weren’t doing it right she would either give you a quick bite on the hand or swat you with her claws. I was the only one she ever really showed any affection for and that was because I wasn’t scared of her, if she bit me, I’d get one in before she bounced away.

From the first day I brought her home she was a total pain in the arse. But unlike Chewie who lasted only 17 short months, this little bitch made our lives a misery for nearly 17 long years. I even ran her over in my car once but still couldn’t kill her, she lasted 10 years after that little incident.


8 Responses

  1. Why did this make me smile? She sounds like what you had to put up with in #2 of your tag below…but penicillan wouldn’t cure.You have the gift, my friend, of capturing the very essence of cats…dogs…I imagine even a wombat:).You can get over your addiction, but keep writing for the rest of us.

  2. omg that was so written perfectly!!! You are so an animal ‘whisperer’ arent you???? What is your occupation? You so should be a vet if you arent one. You understand the essence of animals just as Robin says…. VERY NICELY PUT.

  3. Aww! Another sweet looking cat! Well, I wasn’t going to bring this up. sniff. But I too ran over my cat with a car. Shirley. There is another story there I will have to blog about. But I swear HE was trying to commit suicide. It killed me. He ran up a cedar tree and I went right in after him. He died a little bit later. I think what really made me sad was that I just knew he was suffering. sniff. On a lighter note, Mordecai will also use the full nelson on your leg as you walk by.

  4. We had a cat that thought she was a vulture.She climbed up as high as possible and lay in wait for anybody to walk by so she could swoop down.We weren’t very fond of her until one day she jumped 10 feet flying from the fence post to land on our bitchy neighbor’s head. All four feet fully loaded. arrrrghhhh (:Then we forgave her.

  5. A little sidenote about Pamela’s comment – that was the same cat that had its head squished in the garage door as a kitten….she was never quite the same after that.

  6. karmyn: that’ll do that to you, I know it did to me.Julie: condolences, I know close to how you feel (although I’m not a cat murderer so I don’t know exactly, I just dislocated her pelvis). But it is an awful feeling, specially when you know they’re in pain.

  7. makes me think of the song Only the Good Die Young!

  8. Ah Billy Joel, one of my favourites. Streetlife Serenade holds tons of memories for me.

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