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OUAB venue information.

The venue has now been chosen for the ouabies, if you click on the photo you should be able to see where it is. As I’ve mentioned before, I live a bit out of town. What I haven’t mentioned is that my town lives a bit out of town too. The nearest town of any size is an hour away. My town consists of this pub, the corner store across the road and a fire station.

Hopefully it won’t be as crowded as this on the night. Oh, by the way, the awards night will be tomorrow (morning for you), tonight for me. Good luck everyone.

8 Responses

  1. You must be at 99 or something…………………………. cuz you been shootin out posts like a gatling gun to get to 100speaking of gatling guns….I’m still working on that “fart” post I promised

  2. AH HA! The Willow Tree Inn. How quaint. So is it named after you, or you after it?

  3. I’m named after it. Well not the Inn exactly, the town is called Willow Tree.

  4. Ah ha! You have revealed your location! Now we are all gonna show up for beans and cornbread! Golly, I am on pins and needles!! Can’t wait!Pamela – I am working on a fart story too! LOL Mine isn’t too good, but it was funny. It might be one of those – guess you had to be there things. But I am ROFL just thinking about it!

  5. Julie, a fart story is a fart story and whether you’re there or not it’s still funny! Bring it on.

  6. Hey Pete! It is posted!! I laughed so hard while typing it I almost cried. Then I showed it to Butch and he started reading it (proofing it) and said oh, no! LOL It is a good one!! I am just glad I didn’t do it in front of a lot of snots at a really fancy smancy place at a mall! 🙂

  7. Pamela and Julie ~ I’m a little scared LOLI’ll be booking my room at the Willow Tree Inn. Hopefully they accommodate dogs… and put mints on the pillow….still laughing at “ouabies”…

  8. Yeah, probably should have sounded it out in my head before I wrote it. Now that I see it, it sounds a little bit like Elmer Fudd describing what his dog died of..Hey maybe we should call them the elmers

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