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The OUAB 100th Post Awards are almost here.

Yes it’s almost time, check your local guides for when they are being shown in your area. It would have been sooner but blogger adds drafts to the post count so I was out by a few. Expect a few more bullshit posts in the next day or so.


9 Responses

  1. I’m vewry afraid…it’s why I checked in so early today :).You are soooooooo handsome! You’re the best author in the blogosphere!! Your craft or words makes me wanna be a better person…………..(is it working??)p.s. My word verification is iyjyy–reminded me of when I say “ai yi yi”, lol.

  2. Ooooh….what should I wear?

  3. oh my! and how do you know this? Did you count each one as you wrote it??pre congrat cocktails begin where and when? I’m so there! oh but yeah……… um … what DOES one wear??

  4. I want to know what color the carpet is!? I wonder if any of the stuff I bought on my last shopping spree will work?! Can’t wait!

  5. If you need someone to help plan the festivities…just call my three daughters (Karmyn, Jennifer and Amanda)not only are they VERY good, capable of working within a budget, but they know how to keep a secret.

  6. Secrets schmecrets….I am on pins and needles!

  7. For anybody wondering what they should wear, go with something stylish, unique, expensive and most importantly, something you’ll never be able to wear again. Hmmmm, that sounds like a wedding dress….there’s a thought.Good try Robin, I just need to check if the suck up award has been decided yet.Pixielyn, if you go to the dashboard, it should list the number of posts on the same line as the blog name, but in your case it might have fogotten where it was up too by now 😉

  8. Re: the wedding dress comment – you’re a RIOT.The truth hurts 😦

  9. Now, now….once worn wedding dresses can be very useful. I converted my wedding dress into some beautiful lace curtains….after the divorce. Guess I could pull a Miss Scarlett and make the curtains back into a dress for the awards ceremony.

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