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Meet the in-laws.

Don’t get excited, its not a new post, I just swapped pictures. Took me ages to find one that matched the title. But by doing this I can keep the comments.

So now you know. She’s Japanese American and I’m telling you, they all look young until about 2 years before they bite the bullet. Her cousin who is the same age as me looks like she could be our daughter.

And if looking young all your life isn’t enough to make you guys jealous, she’s also reasonably smart having not only a B.Sc., but also an MBA. She is one of the highest ranked medical professionals in the NSW Health Dept., and is involved in writing health policy for the governement. Which is why I can’t leave this picture up for too long.


Are you making fun of me?

Ok what’s the story? Ree has just corrected my use of the word pithy, saying I probably meant ‘pissy’. That’s is actually what I said. I hope she’s not too embarassed when she realises that she has brought attention to the pronounced lisp I’ve had since I was a child.

Just kidding, while pithy does mean short and concise, it also means terse or brusque, the context in which it was used on awards night. Pithy sounds more qwirky to me because it always reminds me of the hat Dr. Watson was wearing when he finally found Dr. Livingstone. Or should that be the other way around?

And while I’m responding to Ree’s comment (I’m doing it here because no-one goes back that far back to check, yesterday’s blog yeah, but the day before, no way). Unless some of you guys are merely using a female persona for you blogging ID, I don’t have any male readers. There have only ever been two males who have commmented; one who gave me an answer to a rhetorical question and the other, a supposed priest who just plain creeps me out.

This was fun.

I don’t know how many (if any) of you have ever done this, but it’s a real buzz. That darkness behind me is a couple of thousand tons of water otherwise known as Niagra Falls. You can go down a tunnel and come out behind the water. Its really loud.

This is a picture of a dubious MDW waiting for the go ahead to start the journey towards the rockface. Incidently, she has since has laser surgery and no longer wears glasses.