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Are you making fun of me?

Ok what’s the story? Ree has just corrected my use of the word pithy, saying I probably meant ‘pissy’. That’s is actually what I said. I hope she’s not too embarassed when she realises that she has brought attention to the pronounced lisp I’ve had since I was a child.

Just kidding, while pithy does mean short and concise, it also means terse or brusque, the context in which it was used on awards night. Pithy sounds more qwirky to me because it always reminds me of the hat Dr. Watson was wearing when he finally found Dr. Livingstone. Or should that be the other way around?

And while I’m responding to Ree’s comment (I’m doing it here because no-one goes back that far back to check, yesterday’s blog yeah, but the day before, no way). Unless some of you guys are merely using a female persona for you blogging ID, I don’t have any male readers. There have only ever been two males who have commmented; one who gave me an answer to a rhetorical question and the other, a supposed priest who just plain creeps me out.

13 Responses

  1. WT, I’m so sorry about your lithp. I didn’t mean to poke fun at something that’s probably been the source of lots of poking fun in your Aussie life.I was careful not to be too authoritative in my raising the question of what the definition of pithy is, partly because I’m painfully aware that I don’t know everything; and partly because I’m painfully aware that you know everything. I’ve always thought pithy meant “short and to the point”. But you’ve proven me wrong. Again. Butthead.

  2. Oh my goodness, I haven’t ever heard ANYONE but my mother use the word pithy.

  3. I was fairly sure about it, but not certain. I had too look it up before writing this post. Jutht couln’t help yourthelf could you, had to correct my thpelling of lithp. Ha you’re always good fun! Hey…wait..a..minute..did you just call me butthead?amanda: its a generational thing.

  4. Oh this is too funny! Ree- great response!

  5. Yeah… I use the word pithy to describe fruit that is stringy and not juicy.. like an orange that you bite into and its just dry and stringy. Pithy.oh… and I know that it means that other stuff, too.

  6. I have nothing to add. You guythz are killing me!!!

  7. You’re a blog stud…or a bloggin’ chick, one or the other.Pithy be damned! 🙂

  8. I just had to check out pithy in my thesaurus. It is listed under concise and also, much to my surprise, under vigor. “…racy, bold, pungent, piquant, pithy….”You guys are TOO funny!

  9. you guys are major crackin me up.LOLMy Mom always says “Pithy is as pithy does”………. no wait.ummmmmm I think it wasnt like that. It was “A Pith in the hand is worth two in the bush”? no that doesnt look right either….Hmmm well…. I guess I dont remember but It sure didnt have any piquant meaning.Is piquant like a piss ant or pith ant?ROFLomg its catchy, now you have me laughing and acting silly.Oh and btw, willowtree It has been my experience that not many men comment as entertainingly as you do on a blog.We can all pass on your link to every one we know and become like blog pimps and see if we can drum up some man comments for you but right now its just cozy. Besides HELLOOOOOOOOOOOO you posted lots of fuzzy happy animal pictures. It will be a long time before many men will comment on those. Why not write some violent political posts and that will be sure to draw some lurkers into typing furiously.lol I mean IF that is what you’d like.

  10. P.S. Are you so sorry now that I came out of lurk mode? LOL

  11. Okay – I am going to be really pithy now and change the subject!Lovely wife in wedding dress pic (I commented here because you said it would disappear – where do blogger posts go when they are deleted?) You don’t look too shabby yourself!Secondly – methinks you are right about Scenes and Beans – seems too contrived. I don’t think I ever REALLY looked at it before. I suspect it is something out of a romance novel. Some novelist is making the characters up as he/she goes along. Some of the conversations seem too posed – too blogwise. Dang I think I was had.\I guess the best thing to do is GO VISIT! I may have to take a road trip here in a few weeks. heh heh heh – Detective Karmyn – ready for action.

  12. Thank you Karmyn! I’m so glad you understood what I meant. It’s good stuff but a bit too slick.You MUST go and check it out!

  13. Certain words are just too interesting for their own good. Pithy is one of them. I also like winsome, curmudgeon,sinewy,stalwart,fetid,logy, and last but not least, nugget.I like a pithy dinner conversation with a bit of a curmudgeon if he or she is in a winsome mood. It helps if he or she has sinewy muscles and a stalwart body. As long as there are no fetid people around with their logy faces, we can eat a few nice nuggets of pie and then go our way.

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