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Meet the in-laws.

Don’t get excited, its not a new post, I just swapped pictures. Took me ages to find one that matched the title. But by doing this I can keep the comments.

So now you know. She’s Japanese American and I’m telling you, they all look young until about 2 years before they bite the bullet. Her cousin who is the same age as me looks like she could be our daughter.

And if looking young all your life isn’t enough to make you guys jealous, she’s also reasonably smart having not only a B.Sc., but also an MBA. She is one of the highest ranked medical professionals in the NSW Health Dept., and is involved in writing health policy for the governement. Which is why I can’t leave this picture up for too long.


14 Responses

  1. Your wife is absolutely gorgeous. She does look about 16… lucky duck.You guys look so happy.Remind me how long you have been married? I have a shitty short term memory.

  2. Gosh MJ you are going to flunk the quiz!!! Gawl – 26 years!! 🙂 LOLShe is gorgeous!! You aren’t too bad yourself Pete! 🙂 I tend to go for men with Alopecia areata monolocularis, though. Bring on the quiz!! Do I get to use notes?

  3. Julie likes bald guys.????You make a very handsome couple…and it’s true that asian and africans look younger longer. I have to make up for it by just being immature.I guess we should all put our wedding photo’s up. We hunted saturday morning for our wedding pix for our 30th celebration… and no could find……….. I’m still looking My hubby had hair back then and I had a waistline.Was that picture taken in 1980?

  4. Okay, I’m hitting caps lock for this one….HUBBA HUBBA!Not bad WT!!

  5. Marcia, Marcia, MarciaJan Brady

  6. Ditto with the HUBBA HUBBA!!

  7. Damn! She is so so doll like, how lucky for you. Yes now we know. But take it down if you are going to get in trouble. She’s a lovely creature, and HELLO hubba hubba to you too. You need to take more human pictures. Or put more up, you two are cute.Japanese American as in from two cultures or pure Japanese born in America???

  8. Pamela – I love one particular bald guy. I will post a photo on my page. Click on over. 🙂

  9. Wow…how lucky are you?? Your lady is GORGEOUS!!!I just listed a property owned by a beautiful South Korean lady, and as we were leaving the home after the first visit, my assistant asked me how old she was. I ventured a guess, based on the age of her granddaughter, that she had to be a very young-looking 48-year old. On our next trip, my assistant couldn’t help herself and had to ask. The lady is 62. Our jaws hit the floor.She is absolutely gorgeous, and her skin looks like a baby’s.

  10. Thanks to everyone who said nice things, I’d pass them on but she might kill me if she knew I posted a picture of her :).Pixielyn, pure Japanese bloodlines born in America, born to Japanese parents who were also born in America. One day I’ll tell you what its like to encounter racial prejudice.

  11. She’s gawgeous. And you have a nice face! I could ask your face anything.I love these early 80’s wedding photos. Yours is among the better ones I’ve seen!

  12. My hot husband is a mix of Portugese, Filipoino, American Indian (Chocktah) and a little German…trust me, he just gets hotter as he gets older…me, on the other hand……..

  13. beth, the years have not been kind to me either. hey I was at your blog when your comment arrived. freaky!goddamn! now the verification is actually taunting me! this one says uwili. who the hell are you calling a willy!

  14. I can’t remember exactly what the other pic looked like, but this one seems more clear than what I remember…wowza on the mil! (I have NEVER used that word before, lol). Good pic of you, I suspect, too :).Years ago, I had a guy friend tell me he looked closely at his wife’s mom (at the time girlfriend), to consider how his wife might age (her mom’s appearance belied her age, VERY youthful). Word verif. is taunting this time with an irish brogue–ishbrok.

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