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One of Tigger’s stories.

This is written for a Weekend Cat Blogging carnival at Heather’s Space.

Unlike Rockie who was satan incarnate, Tigger had all the qualities that made cat lovers love cats. He was affectionate, faithful, playful, the ultimate in low maintenance pet ownership and not finicky in the least about what he ate, he would eat anything you gave him.

The only downside was his sense of adventure. Tigger came to us as a result of a community service announcement on the local radio. His mother had wandered in off the street and dropped a litter in this poor lady’s garage. But with a real sense of compassion she took it upon herself to home the kittens herself. She also ended up keeping the mother (minus the reproductive bits). MDW (my darling wife) and I went around the neighbourhood putting up ‘Lost Cat’ signs and asked anyone we ran into if they had seen him. No luck.

MDW, who worked locally would spend every afternoon looking for him, then on Saturday morning we ventured into the rainforest calling his name and hoping for the best. Just like in the movies we split up to cover more ground, and after about an hour MDW came running towards me calling out that she thought she heard him.

Following her back to where she said she heard the sound, I could just barely hear a plaintive little meow, but for the life of me I couldn’t work out where it was coming from. We just kept circling and calling his name and listening for a response, fortunately he always used to talk to us (still does). Finally after about twenty minutes we managed to spot him on the highest branch of this tree, I had assumed he was hurt and hiding under a log or something so I had concentrated my search at ground level.

We both just stood there stunned. “Holy shit! How do we get him down?” I exclaimed at the futility of it all, that was one high mutha. I ran back to the house, grabbed my car and sped to the hardware store, where I bought an extension ladder for $200! I figured I’d need it anyway as we now had a two storey house.

I wrestled that heavy metal bastard throught the jungle only to discover that it was about 45ft too short! Crestfallen I lugged it back to the house and tried to work out how to get him down. Now, contrary to what you see on TV, as a rule the fire brigade don’t rescue cats. “What if we’re needed for a fire somewhere? Call someone who gives a shit”.

This meant another night in the tree for Tiggsie, hey he must have been used to it by now, he’d been up there since Wednesday and by now it was Saturday evening. The next moring MDW rang around and found a tree lopper that was prepared to get him for us. He showed up, asked us if the cat was vicious (it wasn’t) and after putting on what looked like spurs, he just walked up the tree, grabbed Tigger and came back down, as simple as that. After he handed him back to my wife, he unhooked his spurs and dropped them to the ground, the noise of the metal scared the shit out of the cat and he just latched onto MDW’s shoulder, it took months for the marks to go away.

And here’s the amazing thing, despite it being a Sunday the guy wouldn’t accept any payment. He had mentioned that his wife was expecting soon, so MDW made some baby clothes and gave them to her a few weeks later.



10 Responses

  1. Did he ever adventure like that again or did it take only one time to learn that climbing that high was not exactly fun?

  2. heather: less than a week later I got to use my new 24ft extension to get him down from a smaller tree. But from then on he always got himself down.

  3. Dang, what a story!! Amazing silly cat, no wonder he didnt come home, he was PETRIFIED up in that tree.Whew! and I’m so glad it wasnt about road kill. Thank you!!!Pretty amazing tree there too!!!Is mutha its real name?

  4. Great picture of the tree!!

  5. I’ve always wondered if a cat would come down eventually on their own…YDW has many hidden talents–sounds like a great paycheck to me 🙂

  6. I think there is a height limit on how far up cats will go before they come down on their own. Too far up and its a no go -My aunt’s cat climbed a tree and stayed there for 3 days (wouldn’t even come down for the canned tuna). Similar situation – my cousin put on the tree climbing gear. First thing the cat did when it got down was take a pee!

  7. The day after I got cat Miss Penny she climbed up a HUGE gum tree (we lived in Australia at the time)- bigger than my house – it took her an entire day to get down – frontwards – it was scary but hilarious!4 Years later when I moved back to the US, she climbed herself up a 60 foot pine tree and learned about pitch – a major rescue ensued as it was January and she couldn’t get down for 2 days. Sadly the tree did not survive, but Penny did, with very sticky feet. Penny doesn’t climb anymore – thank Gawd!

  8. Di, we had a pine tree in our backyard that Tigger used to climb regularly, so I know exactly what you’re talking about. That shit should be illegal!!

  9. Aww! What a sweet story! I am impressed that you went and bought a $200 ladder just to get Tigger down.

  10. heeeheeee, what a crazy story. so glad you found him, the big dummy 🙂 one of my cats goes up and down this tree we have and every 10th time, he forgets he knows how to get down and my husband has to go get him. duh! it’s pretty funny watch 🙂

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