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What the hell is this thing?

Today was the day that I had lunch with MDW and our two close friends S&P. We picked a point in between us so that everyone had to drive one and a half hours to get there. The funny thing is, we all travelled different directions (S&P travelled the same direction because they’re one of those couples who actually live together). So that meant three different directions.

Anyway, we meet by this thing, we did it last year too. And the reason? It’s my birthday in a few days so I had to collect my booty.

So what the hell is this thing? Funny story, MDW doesn’t buy me presents. Don’t ask me why, its something about her being sick of me telling her what a disappointment she is to me. Hey, fuck the thought! Contrary to popular belief it doesn’t count! Its the present that counts and unless its exactly what I would have chosen, its no damn good. So after about 15 years of this crap, she decided that it was best for me to buy my own present.

This should give you a clue. Anyway, this year she decided to buy my present herself, she knew what I wanted as I had asked her to get the new Neil Young DVD for me a few months back, but there were none available then. She thought it would be a safe bet, hmmm. On Thursday I went to Tamworth to get crap for the Parcel Club and saw it in a shop so I bought it too. When I rang to tell her what she had bought me this year she just sighed and and told me that makes two. Next day I went all the way back and swapped it for another DVD (three actually).

Ah! So now you know! It claims to be the largest sundial in the world but I’m always suspicious of such claims. So at lunch I’m getting my presents, some booze and a mini lava lamp that’s powered of a USB port from S&P and the DVD from MDW. Then she hands me another present that I recognised by it’s size and shape as CDs. Looked like a twin pack too, but when I opened it, surprise! surprise! it was an iPod Nano..Sweeeet.

That’s S&P sitting by the sundial. MDW hadn’t showed up yet. She actually had to call my cell to get directions, now that’s a woman for ya! You would think it would be fairly easy to find the largest sundial in the world in a small country town! Trouble is when she comes up here to the property she usually takes the by-pass so she’s never actually seen it before.


15 Responses

  1. There’s a sundial in Arizona also claiming to be the world’s largest. Based on these pictures, I think the Aussie’s have it!

  2. LOL Sundial competition?So exactly when is the birthday so we can all have cake??? I hope you had a lunch with cake!!!so was it 12 noon???? Does it workl, this largest sundial???

  3. so…I hope you got to have some cake too (if you know what I mean)…so your wife wasn’t able to stay the night?I know it’s none of my business..spank me!

  4. That top photo is really awesome. I liked the fact that I couldn’t tell what it was, despite how long I stared. And I love blue sky photos.

  5. Happy Birthday! I loved the first photo, too. Had no idea what it was until finally all was revealed.

  6. P.S. I’m with Beth…..I thought “collect my booty” was going to have a whole different meaning……………*sigh* is she so secret that she cant even be seen with you at home?

  7. IPod Nano!!! Too cool for school. I have mp3 envy.Happy “almost” birthday!What DVD’s did you get? and have you watched Princess Bride yet?

  8. WOW – the iPod Nano – you have officially moved up in the world (and you didn’t even know there were levels!)I’m still about 3 steps behind.

  9. Happy Birthday!!And great photos…what kind of camera do you have?

  10. First off, thanks everyone for the compliments. Unlike Ree who’s a middle child and needs them for reassurance, I’m the youngest so my need it more ‘look at me, look at me, look what i can do’.Pixielyn: well it wasn’t 12 midnight! Actually it was about 11:50 but a noon it was dead on.Susan: I went and checked out the link, that one looks pretty big too.Beth: I’ll ingore your remark, I’ll not have my birthday turned into some sweaty, sleazy, sexual event. That’s what christmas is for.MJ: see next post.tiggerlane: sorry it took so long to get to you, I had to deal with all that unruly rable first. Its a Kodak DX6490. After years of SLR photography I’ve opted for a point and shoot camera, its much more fun. However, I made sure it had a good lens with sufficient optical(not digital) zoom. It is 10x which is the equivalent focal length of 38-380mm. plus a 3x digital zoom (but I don’t like digital zoom so I never use it).

  11. That is one cool sundial!! And I do agree that point and shoot is so much easier, not to mention more discreet than carrying around a big ol’ SLR!!

  12. I agree C, but its not really photography, it’s taking pictures. I know it’s semantics but there there’s a subtle diferrence. I learned on a Rollei 35T which I also still have, everything was manual.

  13. Rollei?? oh, nice. I haven’t actually started playing with larger format yet, except for class we’re doing 4×5! The pictures are amazing! The larger format is new for me as I’ve usually done 35mm…which my goal is actually to save up for a Leica Rangefinder. sigh…

  14. Belated happy birthday greeting and the spankings…. and the pinches to grow an inch…Oh thats right.. you didn’t want to turn this birthday into “some sweaty, sleazy, sexual event”I’m going to have to get myself set up for some audio’s so I could sing. (Like Ree …. except I would do a Marilyn impression when she sang Happy Birthday Mr. President)Many happy returns (Loved the sundial)ps. I’m still in my word verification faze. Todays was “ovgut” which I’m sure has something to do with my girth.. but haven’t figured it out yet

  15. Well, I see Marnie beat me to the questions. I will go to the next post to get the answers. :)Nice photos!And Happy “almost” Birthday!!!zpaxo – hmmm?

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