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About Music.

I’m just loading some music onto my computer with iTunes (great program but not real intuitive) so I can play them on my iPod Nano, oh did I mention I’ve got a Nano? Probably did, how could I forget to mention having an iPod Nano somewhere before now?

All jokes aside, it got me thinking about music. so here’s a few random things about my music experiences.

The best live performances I’ve seen were Jethro Tull followed closely by Led Zeppelin. Jackson Browne was the best solo performer with a backing band and Louden Wainwright III was the best solo performer.

Worst live performance was Pink Floyd followed by Little River Band. Lou Reed was somewhere in between good and bad depending on the song.

Most drunken performance was David Crosby and most unusual venue was Crosby Stills and Nash on the outfield at Candlestick Park after a Braves v Giants double header, that was a long day!

The first album I owned was A Hard Day’s Night by the Beatles. The artists I have the most CDs of are Van Morrison(12), Dr. John(10), Steely Dan(8), Little Feat(8), Traffic(8).

Favourite singer/songwriters are Bruce Springsteen, Joni Mitchell, Paul Simon, Billy Joel and Steve Winwood.

Favourite Southern Bands are Allman Bros, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Marshall Tucker Band and the guy who introduced me to it in 1974, Charlie Daniels.

Favourite female singers are Katie Melua, Sarah MacLachlan, Reba McIntyre, Joni Mitchell and Judy Collins.

Favourite male singers are Bruce Springsteen (only with the E street band), Steve Winwood, Steve Forbert, Jimmy Buffet and Jackson Browne.

Bands always on my playlists, Dr. John, Steely Dan, Little Feat, Allman Bros. Never seen on my playlists are Bob Dylan and Rolling Stones.

A song that grabbed me by the shirtfront and said “this is the direction rock should go” was Rosalita by the Boss. A song that set me on a long term relationship with Southern rock was South’s Gonna Do It a Again by CDB. Two songs that can make me misty are A Case Of You by Joni Mitchell and Jeff Buckley’s version of Leonard Cohen’s Allelujah. Though I must say I liked his old man better, Tim Buckley’s Greetings From LA is a great album.

Music I just can’t stand: Angry black men with buttcracks and gold front teeth talking about their ho’s with music blaring in the background . Something that may surprise: I think eminem is extremely talented and like his work.

Anyway that’s about it off the top of my head, I’m sure I’ve left significant stuff out but that’s the way it goes. If anyone wants to turn this into a quetionnaire, you’re welcome to it.



16 Responses

  1. Well, you certainly have good taste in music !!! I am EXTREMELY disappointed that Pink Floyd was a horrible concert. I had always said, “If I could see one live performance from artists dead or alive, I would pick Pink Floyd.” Now, I may reconsider. I am a Zep fan myself – jealous you saw ’em in concert. Joni, Steely Dan, Lynard Skynyrd, Sarah MacLachlan: all artists in my personal collection. I am an expert in the “girl music” genre, so if you ever want to expand your girly musical horizons, I would be happy to supply some names and songs…. my first suggestion: Ani Difranco.

  2. I can’t keep up with all that… BUT, the hubby and I got front row seats at a Steely Dan Concert two years ago at THE GORGE. Someone was trying to get in good with the boss and gave him the tickets…he couldn’t go so he gave them to us.It was wonderful.

  3. Ipod Nano?No, none of us knew from the previous post…. So don’t forget to tell us again in the next post …. just in case….we forget or something.(wasn’t that something Mork used to say Nano Nano….???)Oh… and ps. In case you didn’t see my respone to Regis.. I had figured it out on our way home today. My mind was boggled down and it just took some time for the millionaire to filter through. Final Answer.

  4. Amanda, don’t reconsider. If you were to see Pink Floyd now you’d get a real experience. I saw them in ’73 at an outdoor daytime concert. No effects, no choir of girl vocalists, just 4 guys on stage playing ‘Set your controls for the heart of the Sun’ for way too long.

  5. amgry black men with buttcracks?mmmmmmmmmmmmm..By the way, I shut down my blog …amost got fired at work for viewing it..”thought it might be prudent at this juncture”..who said that?I’ll just sign off as B-007

  6. ohhhh..the gold teeth? called a grill..I learned that on Girls Next Door..a show about Hugh Hefner and the 3 girls he lives with.

  7. Was wondering about your blog, went there today.

  8. Ditto on music you can’t stand…best two concerts I’ve seen were an outdoor venue with James Taylor (love me some JT) and an unplanned one w/Stevie Wonder (we were just driving by, people were selling tix on the street, we bought ’em and went in. He sang for over 2 hours without a break…)

  9. You got a Nano?Pamela – I think Mork said Nanu Nanu, or was it Nanoo Nanoo? Gotta love Mork and Mindy! Three Dog Night were in town (OKC) a while back and I really wanted to go but it didn’t happen. On a completely different note – Bill Engvall – the comedian is going to be in town on Saturday and we are going to that. It should be fun. I haven’t been to a concert in ages. I think the last concert I went to was Glen Campbell. And he was great!

  10. What Nano? Why’s everybody talking about a Nano? :)Ditto on the “Nanu/Nanoo” Julie.Ditto to Sarah MacLachlan – she has the most haunting voice. Beautiful.And ditto to the angry rap music! I absolutely can’t stand it. But, like you, oddly enough, there’s something about Eminem’s music….I feel guilty even saying it…..not bad.

  11. Definitely agree about the angry black men songs and Eminem. As for Zep, am I the only one that thinks the White Stripes have a heavy dose of Zep in their music?

  12. Ahhhh music. Ipods! *sigh* my son has one. I am with whoever said before that they cant work their microwave much less an IPod. good grief, he has movies and books and comedy shows and hours of rock and trans and so much and he zips it all around to play games while listening to music and is a whiz at that. *sigh* me? I get up and go over and go to my trusty tape player and stick in a tape or cd. I have to use the “back in the day” method………….rofl.heh.I also hate any angry music. Not just angry black men with hoods and ho’s. I hate angry new age rock and I hate angry screaming even if it is from really really cool bands. Eminem is so talented ( I agree) and I hope he doesnt burn out……. oh and another thing I dont understand is the screaming of punk. But other than that I like most music.

  13. Shit! Shit! Shit! forgot James Taylor!!! Thanks Robin, just put him on top of whatever list you like. JT’s live at the Beacon theatre is one of the best DVDs I’ve got.c – agree about White Stripes, I think they were cloned.Julie, did you know Glen Campbell played with the Beach Boys and Leon Russell? He was one of the top studio guitarists for years.

  14. 🙂 made me smile, willowtree, you made me smile 🙂

  15. Sarah Mclachlan.. a BC native :-)I also have a distaste for any song referencing one’s bitches or hoe’s. Not even when speaking of dogs in heat or gardening.I think you need to download some Wailin’ Jenny’s.. no garden implements or doggies there.

  16. James Taylor. Big yes. The Shins. Frou Frou. Bigger yes. Glen Campbell. Sheepish yes. But, only if it is Wichita Lineman. That one haunts. I never like the one with him asking “Where’s the playground, Susie?” That whole song sounds like some dream I would have after eating too much chocolate before bed. And then talking in my sleep and being recorded. (Yes, this actually happened to me and I was heard saying, “Where’s that taxi?”)Sarah M. Another big yes. Especially You Do What You Have to Do and I Love You.I’m not a big Floyd fan, but I do like Blue Oyster Cult. Let’s not fear that reaper…….

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