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Time for my analyst’s appointment.

Having a weekly session with an analyst is extremely helpful in working through issues and putting your life into perspective. Problem is, by the time you’ve paid for it, there’s no money left to go out and enjoy life, or buy food, or gas up the car.

This is where a best friend comes in. Of course it helps if they have majored in psychology(who the fuck came up with that word! Every time I use it I have to cut and paste from wiki!) like MBF has, I didn’t but MDW did and after all this time something is bound to have rubbed off, so I can hold my own.

So here’s what you need: a really (and I mean really) close friend, the time allocated to work through any issues, the patience to listen, the willingness to to talk, a good deal with the phone company (we are talking international calls here, to upstate NY and vice versa, as we take it in turns to call) and a setup like this…….

You’d be amazed the difference a cordless phone and a headset can make. It becomes just a conversation and not a phone call, you’re free to do what ever you want, heaps of times I’ve cleaned the kitchen during a conversation (vacuuming is pushing it a bit).

Anyway, its off to the shrink’s so I’ll see you all later.


10 Responses

  1. I wonder why they’re called shrinks? Anyone????

  2. It’s short for ‘head shrinker’ and is normally derogatory. I knew it, but checked to confirm before replying.

  3. Best friends are the best analysts. They know you best. My analyst is MDH. How mushy is that?

  4. Few men have that kind of a relationship with another fellow.What side of the head did you say you parted your hair????Well you are lucky to have that kind of friend.Julie was giving you a “wonder” why you and the wife didn’t live together. Somewhere along the way I thought it had something to do with the dogs. They needed their space…. ha ha ha ha ha ha.Now the hubby and I have separate checkbooks. That saves a marriage, too.

  5. Pamela, this is a timely comment indeed, as I’ve just about put the finishing touches on why MDW and I don’t live together in a brief history of me. And you’re partly right, it has a bit to do with the dogs, well at least the Beagle, needing space.

  6. True but sad post (sad part being so many peeps don’t have that kinda friend). Hope the call was therapeutic :).Hey, does YBF read your blog? Ever comment??

  7. robin, That loser! Are you kidding! I spent an hour and a half last week talking him through a 5 minute operation on his computer. He’s a moron, he’s got an ISP but he doen’t know what to do with it. I’ve been telling him for 6 weeks to look at my blog. He has been threatened with some embarassing stories if he doesn’t read it soon, so stay tuned.

  8. What’s his email address? We’ll tag team him. I KNOW MJ, Julie, Ree, Pamela & Karmyn will be in on it ;). I bet a few others, too!OH, MY, WORD! My word ver is dykeshrm (Dikes harm…or Dikes haram, take your pick!!!) :O

  9. oh my god, did you erase my comment? where’d my comment go??? harumph. huffing and puffing in irritation…. where’d it go.How’m I sposed to remember what in the hell I was checking on what you said to what I said if what I said is POOF gone………? crap I think I mustve done something wrong this morning………..*sigh* oh well.Happy shrinking, I was saying how lucky you were………

  10. I love the skrink! Bless the Canadian government for making the visits covered if you are referred from your family physician.I’d probably still be crazy if I had to pay out of pocket.

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