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Some light entertainment.

Just to lighten things up a bit, here’s an interesting series of pictures.

It’s a school in Murrurundi the next town south of Willow Tree.

The first few times I drove past, I thought they were actually playing.

But eventually I caught on.


9 Responses

  1. I haven’t seen the kids playing before. . .Here in the great state of Oklahoma we have the Longhorn cattle and cowboys. . .I’ll have to get some pics for you. . .They are life-size like these kiddos. . .

  2. When I was looking at the first picture, I acutually thought they were kids too! My first thought was “Willowtree has kids?”

  3. Aww, look at the metal children dance and run.My question is how they stay ungraffetied.

  4. Those are the kind of kids to have.

  5. nice quiet school I take it then?

  6. shauna, I want to see those pics!Heather, That is a valid question and the answer is .. because it’s a small country town.

  7. I like the metal doggie. The metal kids are kind of creepy. I wonder if a metal dog would suffice as a friend for Kobe.. he is a blonde after all.

  8. What is in the metal dogs mouth? Is that the little metal girls panties?

  9. karmyn, if you look closely you’ll see it’s the girl’s shoe.

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