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Sometimes they lie, sometimes they don’t

Have you ever been driving along and seen one of those ‘Welcome to..’ signs that bear absolutely no resemblence to the place you’re being welcomed to? Like ‘Buena Vista’, which in spanish means nice view, but when translated to english it means ‘check out the paper mill’. Or ‘Ocean View’ or in my case ‘Willow Tree’. I’ve lived here three years and I’ve never seen a willow tree.

This is heading north on the New England Highway. If you look closely you might be able to read the sign (it says Welcome to Willow Tree). I took the pic through the a filthy windscreen so its a bit hard to see

Then every once in a while, you come across a sign that actually tells the truth. Yep the people who live here are boring! By the way, that’s my Tonka Toy, I’ve had it since 1990. This place is about 20 miles south of Willow Tree.

All those paddocks behind my car belong to Emirates Park Stud, one of the largest racehorse studs in the Southern hemisphere. The fences alone are worth over a million dollars! It’s a big property with millions of dollars worth of horses at any one time.

So, apart from having boring people, they also have a church that looks just like the one on the sign.


14 Responses

  1. I always wondered where “Willowtree” came from! And I can’t believe how accurate the church is, ivy and all. Though they need to trim a little bit—it’s starting to infringe upon the door frame.

  2. That church looks like a person looking at you through a mask! Yikes! But I love ivy “trained” on a building.Yeah, I wondered about WT (I just figured there WAS one somewhere on your property).

  3. I just love the fact that you stopped and went over to take a photo of the sign. I always talk myself out of doing that. 🙂

  4. windscreen=windshield. Noice.

  5. There must be something in the air. Two examples: Yesterday I took a bunch of photo’s from inside the SUV as we were traveling home. Then I see you did it on your blog. I see MJ took weird pictures of the moon….and I have a whole camera full of black frames with weird white circles in them. Other examples out here but too numerous to mention. (PS. Did you notice I used my to, too, two correctly?)The church on the sign is humerous. I’m always watching for signs. When I’m driving the hubby is quite often asleep and I don’t want to stop and wake him. When he’s driving it is just hard to force him to to stop so I can photo something stupid.

  6. Once I stayed in a bed and breakfast that toted itself as a haunted house. Our room contained a journal with entries of spooky noises. I never once heard a sound. I’m thinking false advertisement.

  7. My favoritie sign of all time is in Pennsylvania:Welcome to Intercourse. 2nd favorite is a few miles away Welcome to Bird-In-Hand.3rd favorite – WillowTree’s picture of Blandford (about as nice as Boring, Oregon – but no cute ivy churches)

  8. susan, glad you noticed the windscreen thing, I was going to say windshield (as you know I’m bilingual in strine and american), but I thought I’d keep it real (Ree).pamela, men don’t stop.karmyn, love that Intercourse sign!

  9. Almost forgot, the name of my property is ‘Emanon’, which for those who don’t play wordgames is noname spelled backwards. I had to come up with something when I bought it because my property was just a small slice off a much larger one and the main property kept the name, which is Rohan.

  10. You could have gone with “Gondor”….or “Mordor”.

  11. Found you via Ree…today, you win the BEST COMMENT award…and maybe yesterday,too…Nantucket poetry.I would send a pic of the sign where I live, but I don’t know how… YET. Am so computer-challenged but with 6 six, 7 grandkids, another on the way, I have to keep up. Grand Junction pic to follow some day. I love Australia…been there 3 times…gosh you’re a “long way off.” Keep posting. You’re a hoot.

  12. Willowtree, Birddog would have been trying to figure out a way to bring the sign home if it pertained to something he had an interest in.I’m proud that you left it there!

  13. There is this town in BC that is somewhat of a joke. It’s called Spuzzum and it is about 50km outside of Hope, BC. BC natives refer to this as “Beyond Hope”. The town is so small that “You are now leaving Spuzzum” is printed on BOTH sides of a sign. I would go there to take pictures but I like to stay on this side of Hope.I wonder if Blandford has much of a tourist industry… do all the restaurants serve mashed potatoes with no fixin’s and white rice? I think Blandford needs some spice.

  14. Welcomne swampwitch and thanks for the compliment.

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