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Speaking of Cowboys

Cheese and Rice!(a profanity substitute), I could have made one of these and shipped it to the States for you to see quicker than the pictures loaded today!

Anyway, there is someone really talented in Murrurundi, I particularly like the way these things get their colour from the patina of rust that forms on them. Oh, and they’re lifesize.

And speaking of cowboys (Shauna), here’s a close up of them, I’m not sure what the guy on the right is doing, looks like a game of pocket billiards.

And while we’re talking about cowboys, I made another pot of beans last night. Trouble is I threw the recipe out by mistake (I can get it again off the net, I just didn’t want to log on just for that), so I did it from memory.

I don’t know what I changed, but this morning I got a telegram from the people who monitor the Kyoto agreement telling me I have exceeded my greenhouse gas emission limits for 2006! You could have attached a hose to my butt and powered a small town for a week.

But it gets worse, all night long my damn bed looked more like a hot air balloon than a bed, I just couldn’t keep the covers down. The dogs didn’t seem to mind, they just thought I had bought a new kind of air freshener.


15 Responses

  1. Was that you I saw on Blue Tube:”Fire Fart” ???…from “Confessions of a Pioneer Woman” …where were you petting the stallion?…the “sculptures” are great…I have a Kokopelli that look very much like the cowboy/girl.typo on my last comment: not 6 six, but 6 kids…roofpreading not my forte…farte… to keep with the theme today.

  2. Swampwitch, I’ve been enjoying your comments so much, may I be the first to suggest that you start a blog :)WT – POCKET BILLIARDS??? It took me a minute…then I GOT IT!! My virgin ears have heard many things, but I’ve never heard that one! (Is everyone looking at me like I’m an idiot?)I have a tried and true bean recipe from my MIL. What kind(s) of beans do you use?

  3. swampwitch, I was rubbing his nose.susan, most american recipes call for navy beans but you can’t get them here so I use either berlotti or canollini.

  4. I wondered what that stench in the air was today……

  5. We may have to call you Mr. Methane and get you one of those things for your bean days… like they use to measure earthquakes…… ya know….a sphincterscale??(: Fodwox!!!

  6. Fodwox is right -and I was going to say maybe that cowboy is looking for his panties.

  7. First off, let me admit that I spewed tea all over the screen laughing and the blankets and the gas part and second I really did as Susan in va did and scratch my head a second at the reference to the pocket billiards. I have never heard of pocket billiards in regards to that position but by golly how fitting!!! heh.

  8. I’m laughing my hiney off. I’m sorry…I know I don’t do it myself and all, but I find farting so darn hilarious. Especially when someone talks about it in the context of a pot of beans they ate.Plus, the thought of you by yourself, inflating your own sheets…Swampwitch, you are so darn obscure. I love it, man.

  9. ROFL!!! (Keeping my Arse, thank you very much!) Oh you write so well. It is a sad sad thing to visualize but oh so funny!!! Susan – we are not looking at you like you are an idiot. Sheesh. We would wait until you left!!! OR we would just giggle. I.Am.Kidding! I just can’t wait to hear about you using that phrase when talking to someone. You have to blog about it. 🙂

  10. Susan…thanks for the compliment. I am in the process of starting the blog, but need some direction. I can’t even get a User Name to be accepted. My computer guru is coming next week to help. My oldest daughter cringes everytime she sees my posts…SO, if you have suggestions, I’ll be watching. I post to Ree, Julie (LCR), and Willowtree’s blogs.I’m growing tired of filling in these Word Verification boxes…all the p’s, d’s, q’s, and b’s are causing my lysdexic brain to scream.

  11. Thanks everyone for the compliment about the hot air balloon, even I laughed at that.swampwitch, you’ll find it virtually impossible to get the first couple of user IDs you try. Although I am surprised you’re having trouble with ‘swampwitch’, I whouldn’t have thought there’d be much of a demand.

  12. Question: Can I just make-up any name? I tried about 7 and none would work. I googled SwampWitch and they’re out there…some in the Black Bayou…Any suggestions?I’ll keep trying. Thanks 🙂

  13. swampy: not only can you use any name (that hasn’t already been taken) but you can still use ‘swampwitch’ to sign your comments. willowtree was already taken so my ID is actually something completely different. There are two distinct fields: 1. your user name, the name you create the account under, and 2. your display name. You can choose whatever display name you like (in your case swampwitch) when you set up your profile. Just make sure you remember what user name you choose (most important).

  14. I’m sure YDW is thanking her lucky stars y’all are miles away from each other at times such as that. Guess today’s a laundry day!

  15. Thanks for the info and the “new nickname”…SWAMPY…I like it…

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