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Where’s Wally?

Actually this is more like ‘Where in the World is Carmen Miranda?’ but hey Wally will do. If Wally had a camera and was taking these pictures, where would he be?

Cairo maybe?

Or perhaps Aswan?

Or could it be Alexandria?

Ok, you know by now I’m just playing around.

If Wally had taken these pictures (instead of me), we would have been at the Rosicrucian Museum in San Jose California.


8 Responses

  1. If Wally had taken those pictures he would be in trouble

  2. Yeah – Wally is suppose to be in the backyard cleaning out the pond.

  3. Man, I was thinking, “Wally really gets around” and he was only in a museum. Great link, by the way.

  4. I had to click on “About us” because what on earth is an egyptian museum doing in San Jose. Even though San Jose has fabulous museums, I was thinking wtf because of the egypt theme. So it all started as a public display of a collection of thank you gifts for helping excavate artifacts, grew to over 2000 pieces and they figured out that they needed an official building to house and show off the collection. Like: duh!If I could choose a place, San Jose would indeed be one great place to explore intelectually. Hopping from one thing to another in a learning path. We went to the (gosh what was it called, crap I forget……) um technology something or other museum and it was very well done. My son got to sit in a space “car” and practice repairs as if he was outside a shuttle.

  5. I’m so confused…everyone’s changing their profile pics and now I have to look twice to figure out who everyone is. Shouldn’t there be some kind of grand announcement or something?Is Wally your new name? It’s shorter to type than Willowtree:)

  6. Robin… Wally is what Australians use to describe .. uh… I’m trying to think of what I would use…………. Maybe a weird harold? or ordinary JoeI’ve heard it both ways

  7. pamela, we here in Oz use Wally to describe a dickhead, but in this case it’s a referrence to the children’s books.Ah it all becomes clear! As I was looking for a link I discovered the reason for the confusion. You guys know him as Where’s Waldo. For some reason America always changes the names of things. It was a series of books written in England from 1987 and he is called Wally. They were republished in the States with his new name.

  8. well Karmyn and I have an inside joke about Wally… so I guess you had to be here or there… or he might be sleeping in a chair… who knows(I think weird Harold and dickhead are probably closely related by the way. They part their hair down the middle.)

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