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You can always get a Coke

This is not a joke, it really is a sign for Coke, it’s just not in English (or even English lettering).

No matter where you go in this big old world of ours, you can always get a bottle of (not nessesarily ice cold) Coca Cola.

And just as well too, because without it Mekong whiskey tastes like sewer water.

These are some of life’s little necessities, Coke, Whisky, Ice, Coffee and in the bowl under the coffee mug, Ganga. (pron Gunjah)

18 Responses

  1. It’s my birthday today……let’s party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Beth!!!!WT has the coke and whisky ready to go!! WT – have you tried the whisky with diet coke? I like mine with Diet. 🙂 My Granny travels the world – a lot – and she is always bringing home Coke bottles from other countries so she has a nice collection. You are right, you can get it just about anywhere.

  3. Happy birthday bethWT that is a nice still life photo there.I thought you werent supposed to drink cokes anywhere else since the water isnt boiled? I remember once in Cozumel they told us not to drink the coke.

  4. I love Coke 🙂 My kitchen has a coke Decor. I prefer Rum and Coke myself 😉 I never thought of getting a “Coke” sign in another language..that would be conversation piece in my kitchen. Other than how bad my cooking is 😛

  5. I’m a pepsi person… or used to be until I got acid refluxMy favorite drink was diet pepsi in egg nog (at christmas…. I’m not much of a drinker.)Happy birthday Beth.Love the pix WT

  6. I’m partial to the Diet Dr. Pepper at the moment. Hopefully I won’t grow a 3rd eye from all the aspartame.

  7. My husband “amens” the coke and whiskey. I’m with you on the coffee. Here are some fun coffee facts: J.S. Bach wrote a coffee cantata. He also called it the nectar of the gods. If it’s good enough for Bach, it’s good enough for me.

  8. Here is a little trivia for you -I recently saw a documentary on Coke – during WWII, the Coke manufacturer/inventor promised every GI that no matter where they were in the world, they would be able to have their favorite American drink – Coke. So, they started building factories EVEYRWHERE – thus their popularity today. (a smart move, huh?)

  9. That’s cool! The design actually looks a part of a cartoon. And what does Ganga mean?and happy birthday Beth!

  10. Happy birthday, Beth. I realize that this is coming from a perfect stranger, but maybe it will bring you luck or something. We Irish have some strange customs….Ah, WT, life’s necessities: apple martinis, burnt potato chips, caramel ice cream and chocolate milk. Oh…and season tickets to the Husker games. I’m easy.

  11. So, does Coke taste the same in other parts of the world?The writing does look like part of a face from a cartoon. . .Thanks for sharing Willowtree!

  12. Thanks for the birthday greetings!!!!!!

  13. I assume you’ve tasted sewer water in order for you to have compared it to Mekong Whiskey???

  14. beth – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!julie – I ONLY drink diet, have done for about 15 years.pixielyn – why worry about the coke, where do you think the ice coes from?debs – anything to keep their mind off the food eh?pamela – blechMJ – dittokarmyn – so glad you wrote the trivia, I knew that and was going to put it in myself,so you save me the trouble.heather – thanks, I didn’t know that.c- ganga is thai for wacky tabaccy, which is why it’s not on show.laura – I’ve had choloclate milk at least.shauna – tastes the same, the concentrate is made in Atlanta. swampy – over the years I’ve spent a lot of time in thailand, damn straight I’ve tasted sewer water! In the slums the sewrs are open so you can taste it just walking down the street.Wow I can’t believe I got that many good comments from just a couple of pictures! Here I’ve been busting my arse trying to write interesting stuff. Well no more! Pictures it is then.

  15. Willowtree, if you stop writing, I’m driving to Australia to kick your outback butt. Back to the grindstone, mate….churn out part II to the Trevi Fountain story (ET hasn’t phoned in yet).HAPPY BIRTHDAY BETH! I’ve been on the road, hence my greetings come late :).HEATHER, I wrote a post about coffee being the nectar of the gods :).I’m trying to decide how one “uses” the ganga through a coffee mug…and exactly what was going on after the “still life” wasn’t so still….

  16. Shauna, I’ve tasted Canadian coke and it tastes way different, more syrup, less carbonation. People who are addicted to Canadian coke cant stand U.S. coke.and WT you had BETTER NOT STOP WRITING!!! You have us trained to comment on the pictures is all so that you wont get upset and not post, remember the whole cherub faced sleeping child incident?and I too want to know what happened when ET didnt phone home??

  17. Thanks again everyone!

  18. Ditto to what Robin said 🙂

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