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Now that’s a Hershey’s kiss!

This little baby was over a pound of solid chocolate.

The small one is normal size.


17 Responses

  1. Yikes! That’s a lot of Hersheys. I can’t eat the stuff, it honestly smells a little bit like vomit to me. Has anyone else noticed that or am I imagining it?

  2. Now my question is…did someone give you a big kiss or did you just give yourself one?

  3. Bring it!

  4. LOL that is a nice pile of chocolate.carrie! vomit??? ewwwwww never vomit!!!

  5. WT have you tried the caramel kisses? Same chocolate but with some yummy caramel in the middle.Heaven on earth. Hell for the thighs though.

  6. lol, MJ:)I’ll take the one on the right….

  7. The pound of chocolate wouldn’t last long around here with 2 boys. . .LOLI can honestly say that I’ve never heard of chocolate referred to as vomit. . .Usually just the opposite. . .How long did it actually last Willowtree?

  8. Carrie – you might need to get checked out for a brain tumor, they can make things smell odd.Debs – BJ gave it to me.shauna – it lasted about 2 days.MJ – we get caramello, that’s about as close to what your talking about, but that’s in a block.

  9. Crap. It’s gone isn’t it? There really is nothing better than chocolate……NOTHING!

  10. (in my best Homer Simpson impersonation- with spittle running down my chin)…Yum. Chocolate. I’ll just reach out and take it….DOH

  11. And it appears you have a chocolate carpet too? Hershey’s chocolate is so yummy!!!My WV is: NCUTKUX For some reason it makes me think of Ree’s calf nut posts and pictures.

  12. I commented .. blogger ate it. Must have thought my comment was chocolate.commented earlier on other post… and it duped itself.anyway… I love em. and the hershys miniatures…especially the darkword ver: cryklbwhich sounds like something the Steve Irwin would be saying just when the big crock ate him

  13. mmmmmm…..chocolate. I’m not as crazy about Hershey’s..except for the dark chocolate!! oh yum!!

  14. You can have it. I will have another steak. LOL I can handle a little chocolate, but that would go to waste at my house.

  15. I ate half of one of those (the one on the right) one time. Do you know how greasy chocolate is when it comes back up ?By the way, you are awesome . . . my own personal computer guru helping me with my GLOB . . . I’m getting there . . . just wait ’til you hear my Southern/Australian accent.

  16. The hell with the little one, bring on the big one…I’m referring to the chocolate of course

  17. A brain tumour!?! Holy crap, say what you mean why don’t you! ;)It’s just Hersheys that smells like it, not all chocolate thank god. *shudder* It was really hard in America to find chocolate that wasn’t manuafactured by Hersheys, we ate a lot of Doves with caramel though mmmmMmmmm…

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