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Some random photos

I’m just tidying up a bit and these photos were in my ‘blog photos’ folder but aren’t really strong enough to work a story around, so I’m just throwing them in here so I can delete them from the folder.

This is a close up of our driveway on the Coast. If you’ve ever wondered why I always capitalise the ‘c’ in coast, it’s not because I’m confused about the usage of proper nouns. It’s actually short for ‘The Central Coast’ which is the geographic area who’s southernmost point is just north of the Hawksbury River and northenmost point is just south of Lake Macquarie.

Remember the picture of the Willow Tree Inn? This is the only other commercial building in Willow Tree and is directly opposite the pub.

This is what happens if you don’t perform routine maintenance.


16 Responses

  1. I love the look of your drive on the Coast. I lived in a town in Arkansas one time that didn’t even have that much. Willowtree is booming compared to where I was. 🙂 But it (AR) is a beautiful place.

  2. moss?We share an old windmill down our street. I hope they never take it down. Well I guess that middle picture proves we all won’t be coming to visit for the bed n breakfast ha

  3. Who needs a B&B – you said the word Pub! That’s all we need.Love the windmill picture. I’ve seen quite a few of those broken down metal (or wood) buildings everywhere I go.

  4. Love the photo’s! Thanks for sharing. . .Windmill pics and barns are some of my fav’s.

  5. So apparently the chocolate pic inspired awholelotta comments.

  6. What exactly WAS that destroyed structure?

  7. In reference to the first pic, I wish I had that much grass in my entire yard . . . enjoyed the photos. And once again, thanks for all your advice on the posting the pics. I still haven’t figured out why the pics will sometimes post and others they won’t. I think I’m doing the same thing EVERYTIME.

  8. julie – you sound like a pirate (read your last sentence)pamela and karmyn – karmyn is right, she just doesn’t know it. By law pubs must provide accomodation.swampy – its not you. It’s blogger.mj – i’m not too sure, probably hay storage.heather – yeah, go figure! I thought it would be ignored.

  9. I think i’ve seen postcards similar to the botton pic with the windmill…something to the effect of affordable housing!

  10. I love the driveway – the moss adds character. NICE photos.

  11. Nice pics 🙂

  12. HeeHee! I did sound like a Pirate, arrrr!!

  13. I like the way Aussies use “s’s” instead of “z’s”….Nice pics, you almost worked a story around them.

  14. I love the driveway – things like that are charming and full of character.And that last picture? Are you spying in my backyard? Look, just because I don’t pull the weeds back there doesn’t mean you should call me out publicly. Geez. 😉

  15. Hey Melissa welcome, I’ve seen you at MJ’s. Plus I’ve read your stuff (but I don’t think I commented, you were bagging you’re MIL, how does one respond to that?)Anyway, its nice to see you.

  16. Oh my gosh, I LOVE that first photo. Love, love, love. That green has to be my favorite color. I’m so drawn to it.

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