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Some travel snaps.

I mentioned in passing the other day that I was scanning some old negatives. There turned out to be quite a few from southern Thailand, so over the next few days I’ll be doing a mini travelogue and using the photos as a reference point. There is one particular story in which I’m a hero, but that’s later, for now here’s a small sampler.

Awww pretty trees and ocean. It was a bit hairy getting this because I had to climb over a ledge. It doesn’t look it but it was really steep.

This is a shot of the general terrain. I should really have cropped this (or put it in the film in the feeder correctly).

Now I want you to remember this photo as it will feature in at least two of the upcoming stories. The Huts on the right are where we stayed for about eight weeks.


13 Responses

  1. Beautiful…this is where you have LIVED…OUT…LOUD! I didn’t see anything wrong with pic #2.I’m committing the third picture to memory…ok…done! Can’t wait to hear your tales about morphing into Superman. Peter…red cape, blue tights…hmmmm.

  2. So I’m planning my trip now. You should be a travel ad with all your pics.

  3. Glad you didn’t fall over the ledge taking that beautiful shot. All 3 are sensational photos….and you’re fretting over not cropping one and I can’t even get one to post today…AARGH

  4. I can’t keep up with all your posts. This one makes me want to travel. But I want a guided tour. I get anxiety……..ps. the coconut & lime was very familiar in your 5 blos ô¿ô

  5. Have you seen this place since the tsunami? I suspect the steep bank kept it safe.

  6. Wow. I want to go! For the first pic…I’ve never been able to get a shot to really show how steep something is either. problems of the 2-dimensional! But awesome pics!

  7. Gorgeous!! Makes me want to hope on a plane… RIGHT NOW.

  8. WOW!! Breathtaking, gorgeous, spectacular!!

  9. Robin, this is Naiharn beach Phuket, and I spent A LOT of time there. ET and I spent 4 months there once. I think I’ve been there 6 or 7 times for longish periods over the years.karmyn, this is one of the places that was totally destroyed by the tsunammi, there was massive loss of life.

  10. Wt – I read your comment on Wegads – much better than mine!! (but, I originally wrote something a little different and then had to edit – because I didn’t think he would like, “some old guy with a big nose”.

  11. Yes it does look steep!! I am so proud you risked your life for a photo!! You rock!! :)Beautiful photos!!! And by the way. The final part of my story is up! Just a heads up.

  12. Julie, not only have I already read it, I’ve abused you for keeping me in suspenders!

  13. Oh, forgot to mention your new pet, Tamil! I love him. him right? He reminds me of a little Tony the Tiger! 🙂 The little rascal is trying to leave. Come back Tamil!! Come back!! I think his butt is a little too big to get out of that little box. 🙂 I am gonna have to check into adopting a pet of my own.

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