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Spring is here! Woo hoo!

A couple of days ago I noticed that buds were starting to form on this tree out the back, I’d like to call it something but it’s never born fruit so I don’t know what it is, although the flowers look like cherry.

I took this picture of the same branch today.

And here’s a couple of bees going about their business, they look small because there’s no way I was going to get any closer!


11 Responses

  1. The color is amazing in your last pic! And on this side of the hemisphere, those colors are long gone :(. You need Karmyn or Pamela’s zoom (I don’t think Ree’s macro would do a thing for ya in this case!).

  2. Oooooooo! How long have you had Tamil? Cute kitty he is :)….He followed my curser! Now he’s hiding behind your pic.Lawd, I’m easily entertained. Ah…it’s early, quiet, mmmmmcoffee in hand, starting my day well, I’d say 🙂

  3. Love that last pic. And I love spring. We honeymooned there in September and it was perrrrrrrfect spring weather. The earth is dying in America.

  4. Beautiful pics thank you so much for sharing them 🙂

  5. I love springtime! when I lived it Baltimore, it was my favorite…with all the flowers everywhere, a nice change from the dismal gray of winter.

  6. I forgot that you were on the “other side of the world” and “upside down”. tee hee…beautiful – I love when the cherry blossoms! so beautiful. And – I saw Robin’s comment. I don’t see any new pet. bummer…

  7. Okay – nevermind. I found him (I had to scroll DOWN to Australia!)Tamil is a sweety – I love the purring sound! I may have to get me one of those!!!

  8. Well, here you are all tasty about Spring and here I am getting my blankets out in preparation for Autumn. I think I would relish a plane ride to the outback about now.

  9. Looks like a Hawthorne tree to medo the leaves turn a darkish red/green?It’s getting fallish here. Cooler in the morning and evenings. and the birds seem to be disappearing.I’m away for the weekend but at home I hadn’t seen many hummers and no goldfinch at all.

  10. Look at you with all the great photos this week! You’re on a roll!

  11. Beautiful pictures!! Looks like cherry blossoms to me.

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