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Sorry, I’ve got nothing.

I’ve been struck by a bad case of writer’s block. Actually that’s not true, I’ve really been struck by a bad case of lazy bastard and just don’t feel like writing anything. Hopefully I’ll get my mojo back soon. In the meantime, this is a clever name for a shop. And yes, it’s a real shop in California.


24 Responses

  1. You’ve been afflicted with the same disease as me! So how did it get from Virginia to Australia?Could it be…..Blog Flu?Your picture is terribly funny, btw.

  2. Devil’s Workshop…What is the saying about Idle Hands…and Devils’s Workshop…???help me here.Was shocked to hear about the death of Steve Irwin (sp?) Crocodile Hunter who was killed by a Sting Ray off the Great Barrier Reef…I think he was filming a documentary…Sad news

  3. You’re not going to tell me where the picture in Scotland is taken, are you?

  4. Hope you get over your writers block soon! You have some interesting pics. . .Did you go into the Devils Workshop?

  5. Look at the number on the building. Its longer than the building itself!!!Look at the perfectly rounded hills behind these shops, they are sculpted no? heh.

  6. ok, willow, Cali’s a big state! Where is this? I’m starting a list of places I need to visit while I’m here…this would be a good one!

  7. swampwitch, I just heard about Steve Irwin too. My kids will be devastated!

  8. It is hard to write every day. Mostly, I think, it is because we set the bar up so high for cleverness. Somedays are just hang around in your pjs days.

  9. Oh dear. I came over here to ask if what I heard was true. I loved Steve Irwin. This is so sad!

  10. susan – the truth is I spent hours trying to get that little picture of snoopy to move and in the end it beat me. I was just so bummed I didn’t want anything to so with my blog.swampy – yeah tragic, he’s only the third person ever(in Oz) to be killed by a stingray, the barb punctured his heart.sorry beth – Mallaig.shauna – yes I did, it sold dope paraphenalia.pixie – I noticed the hills too.claudia – the name escapes me at the moment, I’ll have to ask BJ. It’s just north of SF and is where Charlie Chaplin’s ‘the Little Tramp’ was filmed.laura – pjs it is then.marnie – yes, sadly it’s true. I spent years thinking he was a dickhead, but eventually he won me over with his honesty.

  11. Your mojo was with me in SC;)Thanks for the welcome back, oh, man of few words.

  12. Wow – thanks for the compliment! I needed that.And hey – even with “Nothing” = you still turned out something! Don’t you wish you could have had digital cameras back then? – think of how many more great pics you would have! (still looks like you had one great camera – and a good eye, though!)

  13. Wow! Those hills are something else. And the shop…interesting.

  14. You’re still trying to get that *$!# Beagle to type, aren’t you?

  15. Writers block and you still got 14, now 15 comments about it. LOL Oh my.Good luck getting the Beagle to type. I keep checking back to check the progress. Maybe next time I drop by.Love your photos.

  16. California rules. 😉

  17. It’s true. the shortest posts get the most comments.Remember my little green men with my hubbys bare grass stained feet.Big hit.I’m also so sad about the crikey man. I’m not a kid but I loved his show. I even visited his site a few times just to learn new oz words.

  18. Hi,It would be interesting if that work shop was near the Devil’s post pile?I posted about Steve Irwin, it so sad, but at least he died doing what he loved most in the world.Janice~

  19. Why do they call Australia “Oz?”

  20. I would’ve guessed the shop’s location to be in Death Valley, seeing as how they have a lot of places named Devil this and that up there.

  21. beth – we call it Oz because it’s a shortcut. Americans pronounce Aussie as Ah-see, we say Ozzie. Oz is just a shortened form of Aus which is the international abbreviation for Australia.

  22. Nice bit of comments for having writers block!!I would have said, based on the type of building and the background, that it was in the gold hills east of Sacramento.Thanks for stopping by my place! And I love picking up new lingo so keep em coming.

  23. Thanks, Willowtree.

  24. You do too get 20 comments or more. See!! I will be number 24. I don’t think I have hit 20 yet. 😦

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