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Hey buddy, wanna buy a horse?

My next door neighbour is selling one of his horses and asked if I would take a couple of pictures for the advertisement. He would normally sell his stock at the saleyards but there is a horse event being held this weekend, so he thought he might be able to take advantage of the crowds.

These are the pictures we settled on….

He liked this one because it showed the horse’s balance and responsiveness.

This one shows the confirmation. And for those not interested in horses, those hills in the background are part of The Great Dividing Range (look it up).

I just have to comment on something that Julie said regarding my last post. Isn’t it funny that the posts I sweat blood over I get a few comments, but when I give up and throw the towel in, I get my best response yet! I know it was out of sympathy but I do appreciate it.


16 Responses

  1. so.. you went to see a man about a horse?Which is what my late daddy would have said if he had to use the bathroom.ps. Have you switched to Beta yet? Have you backed up your blog?I’m still sitting on the fence… watching horses I guess

  2. forgot to mention that the horse is gorgeous.Why do guys look so desirable on a saddle. (I’m not so old …)

  3. Hi,H-mm, is that a quarter horse? Good conformation, but the neck looks a little u-ed.I’m a former “horse nut”, and I guess it shows.Janice~

  4. That cowboy is hot..got any more pictures of him?

  5. lol………I’m already lol-ing at the comments this morning. Ya know? I need to take a freakin’ page outta your book and post pictures. It’s a heckuva lot easier than writing something and your peeps are still mouthing off anyway! It’s probably just you and your mojo, though. How do you back up your blog? btw, those were goooooood pictures of man and beast. How much is he hoping to get for ’em? I was wondering breed, too, as if I can tell one from another.

  6. pamela – I’ll be holdong out as long as possible. Beta is just another word for ‘it doesn’t work yet’janice – it’s a registered ‘australian stock horse’, a bit bigger than a quarter horse and has thoroughbred blood lines. the owner was here and saw your comment and understood what you said (and didn’t dispute it) but said that was more important for a show horse whereas this is a working horse.beth – I’ll just ask his wife if she has any.robin – there sure is a lot less effort with pictures! But I’m planning a couple of essays soon.

  7. oh, pretty horse!! i’m not a horse afficionado (even had one try to run away while I was still on it!! that’s a whole story..) but I do love them!

  8. Nice pics, beautiful horse – I love the mountains in the background. Nice touch.

  9. Reminds me of one of my favorite movies of all time….. Man from Snowy River (set in Australia)Okay – 3rd WV and I know they are right – something is going on…

  10. karmyn – I can beat you by one, I had four wrong WV’s yesterday! there is definitely something going on. After the first two wrong WVs you tend to check very carfully and I know mine were right!

  11. The scenery is beautiful, I don’t know much about horses, is the cowboy for sale? Sorry I’m late with my post…have been trying to get out of Wyoming…

  12. I made a quick post saying that I wouldn’t be around the next day……and got 20 comments.I should go away more often it seems.That horse is lovely. As is the mountain range. I don’t think I can buy it at this time. I just don’t think there is room in my petite little one bedroom apartment… and he might stink it up. Unless he is potty trained.I’m with Swampwitch – is the cowboy on the market?

  13. Tell him to send me a ticket to come over there. I would like to look at the horse. I can honestly say I won’t buy it, but I would like to look at it. 🙂 Okay, so maybe he won’t go for that. Love the photos. I didn’t even see the hills in the background until I looked at the photo again because you mentioned them. It sure is crazy what people want to comment on. 🙂

  14. Beautiful horse! Karmyn mentioned The Man From Snowy River…is this horse what was referred to in the movie as a brumbie? Brumby?

  15. Songbird – yes the horses in the Man From Snowy River were brumbies (brumby singular). Brumby is not a breed, it just means a wild horse.The Man From Snowy River was not a movie (although, that’s what you would know it as) it is one of Banjo Patterson’s most favourite poems.It starts, Hell I’ll do a post….

  16. That is such a beautiful horse.

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