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Bonus post.

I’ve been cutting down on my posts lately, as I realised it wouldn’t be too long before I ran out of stuff at the rate I was posting. But this just happened a few minutes ago and I’m still laughing. As per usual there’s a bit of background.

The dogs sleep inside (on the bed) all the time, the cats sleep outside most of the time but want to come in around 6:00am to get some breakfast. Sometimes I let them in (if I need to get up and go to the bathroom) otherwise they wait until I’m ready. I normally feed them dry food in the morning, but every now and then I give my favourite one some cheese (hey they’re not children, I’m allowed to like one more than the other). The dogs stay in bed usually until I come and tell them to go outside.

Now, while the dogs can’t here the command “come” when it’s issued 2ft from them, they can hear the sound of a vacuum seal being broken a mile away. Buddy is always the first one there, he’s like a lightning bolt, followed by Bentley loping up behind him.

This morning though, I heard a thud and Bentley was first to arrive, hmmm strange. After I’d fed Booey (my favourite cat) I gave Bentley his cheese but still no Buddy, so I called him. I called him again, he didn’t come, now that’s really strange because a ‘come’ in the house always means food.

So I went to investigate and this is what I found……

I thought he might get out by the time I got the camera, as I heard him struggling while I was coming down the hall, but he was so entangled he just waited patiently until I extricated him.

Actually both dogs are the same, if they get caught up in things and I’m around somewhere, they just sit there until I show up. Same thing when they get a thorn, they stand there with one paw raised so that I can see they’re in trouble. We have these things called cats heads that a really nasty, when they start to show up I’ll get a picture for ya.


17 Responses

  1. There’s nothing like having our pets to keep us entertained and provide all kinds of material for out GLOBS. Cute story.

  2. Swampy, I don’t have a GLOB, I just have a regular old blog. A glob is a big green slimey thing whose mental image I’d rather not have to erase everytime you comment.Perhaps if you understood that a ‘blog’ isn’t just a name that was invented but is an abbreviation of the term ‘Web log’ you may find it easier to remember. In any event, it’s not an acronym so therefore doesn’t require capitalisation.

  3. Poor Buddy!!! He must have been having some dream.

  4. And I’m also laughing at the fact that you had to get the camera before you untangled him – a sure sign of a blogger!!!

  5. spoiled dog, too

  6. oh!! poor dog! (hahahaha..)

  7. Hahahaha, my dog wound up tangled up in bedsheets more than once. He had a habit of crawling under the sheets and spinning around and around, making sure the sheets were really snugly wrapped around him. When it came time to get up there was often a whole lot of shaking and snuffling involved and sooner or later one end or the other would come popping out.

  8. Ha, ha, ha….what a predicament poor Buddy got himself into to!!! He was probably thinking, “What the *&^% is that man doing?”

  9. Aww, poor Buddy. I think I need to take care of him for a while. 🙂 That is so funny! I laughed out loud picturing you running to get the camera and taking a photo for everyone to see before helping the little guy out. 🙂 Too funny!! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Please accept my apology…

  11. “Now, while the dogs can’t here the command “come” …”You’re gonna bust my chops one day soon, but I’ll chalk the typo up to 1) trying to get the post out quickly, and 2) laughing so hard your fingers were shaky, or perhaps 3) it wasn’t a typo at all b/c “here” is implied after you shout “come”….Cute, though :). This wouldn’t be the same without the pictures, I think Buddy was just trying to make the blog again. I think SW’s globberies are kinda endearing.

  12. Love the story and pic 🙂 LOL

  13. Swampy, there’s no need for an apology, I’m sorry if I made you think there was.

  14. I so needed a laugh today. Thank you. That was too cute.How did Booey get his/her name?

  15. MJ, now this is just plain spooky!! I got the “‘ding’ you have mail” for this comment as I was reading one of your old comments on I Drank What? (no it’s not back up, I was just reading some old stuff).AS to you question, Booey is short for Booster. The cats are called Buzz Lightyear and Booster (Buzz and Booey for short). I called them this because when they were kittens it suited them, Buzz was a stupid but adventurious character and Booster was his faithful but timid sidekick with an unusually large head. Both descriptions fit perfectly.

  16. Hi,Cute dog story! Your dogs sound like they really trust you, and trust you to be there when they need you too.We’re pretty much the same way here; my dog lives in the house, and our cats live outside, well excempt for our new kitty. The only thing is I’m allergic to dogs, and not to cats. But our dog dosen’t sleep with us. Well. .. er. . . not anymore, and not since I found out how allergic I am to dogs any way.Janice~

  17. Very cute!!!!

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