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I was reading Songbird’s latest post (a very good one I might add) and was inspired to do one of my own (hey admit it, we all borrow ideas). Her’s was a story she had written in 2nd grade that her mother had kept (good on you mom), and there were comments to the effect that she was a prehistoric blogger. That reminded me of something I did 30 years ago so here’s a few pics…..

The precursor to today’s blog. This is the actual book. I didn’t write it as a diary as such, because I got it cheap in April so the days don’t match up. It, in fact, turned out to be a collection of stories, much like I’m doing now.

I didn’t have a camera for much of the time I wrote my log, so I made do with drawings. This is a story about the time I was in a flood. A really scary time for me because I’d only ever seen flooding on TV before this happened.

Showing some of my artistic efforts. Again, don’t let the dates fool you. I wrote in this book for a few years, all the drawings were done at the back.

This story is about the time I collided head-on with a concrete truck, a story that I’ll re-tell sometime soon. I may even quote some of the original story.

I had to laugh when I saw this one, those of you who have read the ‘Story of me‘ trilogy should recall that I was robbed in New Zealand, hence the sentiment. It seems my lanuage hasn’t improved all that much over the years.

This was a really sad story, it was about the time my dogs (a beagle and a red cattle dog) were nabbed by the dog catcher while I was at work. They were caught a few times as a money making sideline for the white trash dog catcher. It used to cost me every time I got them out, which was a real pain, as apart from not having much money, I got him from the pound in the first place. The dog catcher used to call them and when they came he would lock them up. As a result, the beagle ultimately had to be put down because he contracted distemper (I accept a portion of blame for not having him immunised but I didn’t really know better at the time).

It was on a Sunday and I had to get the local vet (he had a set of keys) to come and do it because the dog catcher was nowhere to be found for the last few days and I couldn’t get them out. I had to hold him while the vet injected the lethal dose of whatever it was. He just slumped in my arms and expired. Titch was a good dog and it was a shame it wasn’t the other way around because the cattle dog was a real pain in the arse.

18 Responses

  1. Ok, why have I never noticed before your dates? It’s freakin’ Friday here and Saturday there! International date line is blowin’ my mind right now.Ok…your post…props to Songbird ’cause this one is GREAT! Isn’t it interesting to see how much you change yet remain the same through life? When I clicked on your pics, I could actually read some of your verbiage. Wish I coulda made all of it out ;).I sooooooo wish I had kept a journal through the years. Seeing yours reinforces that.

  2. Okay.. if this is a duplicate comment I’m coming after blogger. I said – I’m up early because my cat woke me.I love your illustrations and look forward to the stories to match.I cherish my grand aunts journal — I share the guilt and grief thing – as many who have had to put down a pet. doesn’t matter what you do.Please delete this post if my other one shows up.

  3. I love the art as well..especailly that first drawing.

  4. woops..it’s the second one I really like…but of course, I like them all..I just can’t win today.

  5. I also liked Robin’s post (story) It made me wish I had written things down and then saved them. Oh well. I love the art that coincides with your stories. I could read some of your writings, but some photos the writing wasn’t large enough. Putting a pet down was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. Thinking about it makes my misty. His name was Nute. He was a solid black cat with dark green eyes. He had Feline Leukemia. I had to put him down, and McD was out of town so I had to go to the vet by myself. It was a bad day. To close this on a better note, maybe you will get 20 or more comments on this one. 🙂

  6. I love those illustrations. I wish I could draw. I simply can’t. Just copy those and post them from time to time…very impressive!

  7. A regular David Livingston.I also kept a journal growing up, which has gone by the wayside since starting my blog (except for my recent California trip since I didn’t take my handy-dandy laptop). But I still go back to my journal to recall experiences that I use in my writing now.

  8. You are quite the artist!! You have some good stuff there. And you have convinced me that I need to hang on to my old journals!! I was going to get rid of them, the idea of the past in the past, but after seeing this, I know I need to keep them!

  9. Wow, I second what ree said.As for that dog catcher, people like him make me totally lose my cool. Guy deserved a major asskicking and I’d have been overjoyed to have delivered it. Of course, I’m especially pissed because of what happened to your beagle and you should already know I have a special place in my heart for those crazy hounds.

  10. Okay, lol, I had a brain fart earlier. I guess Robin was on by mind. I meant I loved Songbird’s story. I think it was because Robin posted a comment before I did. Sorry for the confusion.

  11. I’ve also kept a journal through much of my life, but I can honestly say there are no drawings in there – except maybe some scribbles when children got a hold of them. Have you ever taken up drawing?? Taken a class? Looks like you have some talent.

  12. I’m blown away by your artistic ability! Very impressive! I’ve never been able to successfully transfer what’s in my brain to paper. I’m always impressed with those who can.

  13. The second drawing really caught my eye…the black flowers on the left would make a great tattoo! And it’s too bad the dates don’t coincide, b/c that would be a perfect explanation for the “herb” featured in the middle! Or is that poison ivy?You were a blogger long before the computer age! Nice stuff!

  14. I spy, with my little eye, something that looks like a pot leaf.Am I right, or am I right?The doggie story made me get misty. Distemper is horrible. Rotten. That must have been so sad. I have a huge soft spot for furry creatures and something like that would kill me.PS. Thank you so much for your sponsorship for my Run for the Cure. So much. Words cannot express how much that means to me…

  15. I would have helped james cooper deliver the butt kicking to the dog catcher. I can’t stand people who mistreat animals. I’ve never had to have an animal put down, but I have had four, at different times, die in my presence. Three of natural causes and I accidentally ran over my black Lab puppy. That one really ripped my heart out.

  16. Hi,I think we all can relate to a loss of a pet, and having had one put to sleep is really sad. And the way you had to manage it, sounded truely heart breakingly bad. And too bad it wasn’t the other one!My husband and I have been discusing having our old dog (she’s 18 and half) put to sleep. But I refused to do it. Mostly because I figured when my husband said “WE should have her put to sleep,” mostly he ment for ME to do it. Yes, indeed he has done stuff like that to me before! “Here’s the appointment dear, now don’t be late.”Janice~

  17. Errr yeah….ahh…ivy..that’s right, it’s ivy.Thanks to all who volunteered to kick the crap out of the dog catcher, if he wasn’t already living such a wretched life (and if it wasn’t 30 years ago) I’d take you up on it.Janice – I’m the one who has to take the old an enfeebled pets on a one way trip to the vet, actually we’ve got one coming up pretty soon, I don’t like it but if I think I’m doing what’s right, I can live with it. Titch unfortunately was only 3 years old.

  18. Holy cannoli, Batman. I skip a few days of blog reading and when I come back, I see that you have handled your writer’s block quite nicely. Those notebooks and drawings reminded me of some of the Da Vinci notebooks. So maybe you are this man of brilliance and in the 23rd century, your blog will be like required reading or something, huh? Now we have classes in manuscript reading. Maybe by then the classes will be in blog reading.And the date thing doesn’t throw me so much, it is the season thing. It slays me that just as my world is dying, yours is waking up.

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