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An unhealthy atmoshpere

A while ago, SG a good friend of ours, came up to the property with MDW to have a weekend in the bush and enjoy pleasant company and the comfort of a wood fire. After a sumptuous dinner accompanied by lashings of wine, we all settled down for some stimulating conversation.

I was at my ebullient best and SG was a rapt audience (MDW hasn’t listened to me for years, but somehow she does seem to know when to smile or frown). I could see that SG was hanging on my every word with what seemed to be total concentration.

In fact the more I talked, the harder she seemed to concentrate, as if missing even the smallest gem would be a disaster. This would have been a real compliment had it not been for the fact that I was telling one of my slapstick misadventures.

Then things got nasty, SG’s look of concentration began to take on a somewhat pained expression and I was beginning to get worried, when suddenly she jumped up and exclaimed “I can’t breathe!”

Shit! What do I do now? I’ve seen cardiac massage, mouth to mouth resuscitation and the Heimlich maneuver on TV but I had no idea how to do any of them (actually that’s not strictly true, but I don’t want to spoil a good story). I jumped out of my armchair and sprang towards her in an attempt to provide assistance.

As I came within reach of her I was soon able to diagnose the problem…

Unfortunately it was the depths of winter with temperatures below freezing, so all the windows were closed and we didn’t have the heart to lock him outside. We did however, shame him into going to another room.


13 Responses

  1. I had to re-read this twice before I “got” it…….and then I said, “ooooooooohhhhhhh!” And then I giggled :)24 freakin’ comments on the post before…you’re welcome.

  2. How cruel of you to blame an innocent dog for your actions….And he has such trusting, sweet eyes. 🙂

  3. Heehee! Make it 25 freakin’ comments on the post before…better being saying thank you to Robin. :)Did you at least offer her some allergy meds? I feel so sorry for people that are allergic to dogs and cats. I have a friend that is allergic to horses. She says that, but I think she is justs scared of them. 🙂

  4. Oh Julie, methinks it wasn’t an allergy that Willowtree was refering!! Methinks it was an odoriferous or maybe, malodorous eminations!!!Heheheeee. That was a good story. Thanks for the smile and chuckle this am.♥Pam

  5. hehehehehe….look at that innocent face!!

  6. aromatic ester… as om dog fart……………… keep those stories coming!Our rottweiler was infamous – but he warned you. His were VERY audible.ps. I’m sending this link to my brother because it will make his snort with laughter

  7. I have a feeling that the dog was blamed by you or her!! My uncle was dating a girl about 1915–The Father was the chaperone–He blamed the dog 2X–the third time the father said” I put the dog out 30 minutes ago” Take that as advice also

  8. Ok, so was she allergic to dogs or was it doggie gas?!! His little face is so cute.

  9. oh. I didnt get it at all. jeesh. duh. Now it all makes sense. She was holding her breath because of dog fart?WT! You sure do like your gaseous stories dont you?

  10. Yes it was butt breath. It wasn’t completely his fault. I rarely feed them canned food because that is just asking for trouble, but in this occassion I had run out of their normal fresh food so I used one of the cans that I keep in reserve. Once he starts, is a continuous stream of toxic gases.That picture is his “Yep, I did something wrong but by gosh I’m remorseful” look. In this particular case he was caught stealing the cat’s milk, those are milk droplets on his right eye.SG was fine, she has had dogs for as long as I’ve known her.

  11. ha ha… WT that was my brother.. Mike teasing you about blaming it on the dog (Gig Harbor)of course he would know about that.

  12. guffaw….maybe it was MDW.Hey – have you resorted back to original names? I thought it was BJ now. – not MDW

  13. Oh I can’t help it…look at that dog lookin’ at me.give it the milk for petes sake.. let it fart in the roomgeeezzz… let it sleep in your bedI can’t take it… awwwwwoooh poor baby lil sweet puppy bah bah, cutsy putsy, tch tch tch tch

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