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It’s about time.

Ok, why have I never noticed before your dates? It’s freakin’ Friday here and Saturday there! International date line is blowin’ my mind right now. – Robin.

This has nothing to do with the post, I just like the pic (I just took it)

OK class, Robin seems to be struggling a little so we may have to stop here and do a bit of revision so that she can catch up. Hahahahaha! Just kidding. It has always been my experience that if one person says they don’t get it, then at least half a dozen others are glad it was said, because they were in the same boat. And another couple usually don’t even realise that they don’t get it.

This whole date thing is interesting, but not often do you think about the mechanics of it. There are two imaginary lines that have quite a bit of significance, the Equator (because you transit from one hemisphere to the other when you cross it) and the International Dateline (because you change days when you cross it).

The Dateline is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and unless you are sailing around the world, you will normally cross it in a plane, which somewhat decreases the experience. This is because you always view the flight as a holistic experience and you only adjust your watch once (either at the start or at the end).

But in case you have never done it, it goes something like this….If you fly from America to Australia, you depart LAX tonight and arrive SYD in the morning of the day after tomorrow. If you fly from Australia to America, you depart SYD tonight and arrive at LAX this morning. No, you read that right, if you leave Sydney in the afternoon, you arrive in LA in the morning of the same day.

Now as for instantaneous time diferrences, I always talk to ET at 9:30am Monday mornings. That means he is talking to me at 7:30pm Sunday night. And Robin, this is why I said that I circumnavigated counter clockwise the second time, to get back the day I lost the first time. It cancels itself out if you do a return trip, but if you go all the way around the world in one direction, you’re either a day up or a day down depending on which direction you travel.

Oh, just one more little thing, I don’t get up until I’m sure that if I stay in bed any longer I’ll develop bed sores. Why do I mention this? Well, there’s no way that I’m going to get up early so that the morning readers can get their daily dose with their coffee (actually if I got up early it would still be after lunch yesterday for you guys), so I post the night before but put tomorrow’s timestamp on the post. You didn’t seriously think that I posted at exactly 7:00am every morning did you? Why do I do this, so that everyone is reading the same day’s post on the same date regardless of time. I know it’s weird, but then so am I.

Now if anyone understood any of that could you please explain it to me.


31 Responses

  1. I knew you were postdating or pre dating everything..you are very confusing.

  2. I was with you alllll the wayyyyy until here:everyone is reading the same day’s post on the same date regardless of time. Now I’m thoroughly confused. I best go get an atlas.♥Pam

  3. You did a lovely job of making it impossible to follow (:Just like singing “I’m my own grandpa.” I have friends in Irian Jaya so I’m always looking at their date lines, too.

  4. I don’t get it, but I did experience it when we flew to Sydney for our honeymoon. We left LAX Sunday evening and arrived at Sydney mid-Tuesday morning. We got to our hotel on Sydney harbor just in time for a late breakfast!It blew my mind and my sensitivities, especially because I slept almost the whole flight from LAX to Sydney. Suddenly, it was Tuesday morning.Took me six years to get back to normal.

  5. Since I live in the state of Confusion, I didn’t think there was much that could put me over the edge/border. But, thanks to you, I’m now in the state of CORNFUSION. Flew to Melbourne by way of Figi-spent night, left for airport next day and absolutely no one was there. Found out we were a day early. A bonus of 24 hours. Where in the heck they came from, I didn’t know but certainly enjoyed the bonus day of rest.Since you’re so far ahead of us (in many ways), can you tell me who won the U.S. Open…men’s and women’s? Thanks

  6. Yes *waving hand in the air* I did! i got it!!!

  7. I get the whole time/date change thing. I don’t get your strange desire to change your timestamps. That crosses the weird line into just plain neurotic!I protest that you leave your date stamps alone. It’s kinda cool knowing just how far out our dates and times are.

  8. I get the time and date difference issue. That picture is pretty, but strange-looking. It reminds me of something I might see in a science-fiction movie. Interesting light. Is that a second rainbow above the clearer one?

  9. I understood the date and time switch – as having traveled 1/2 way around the world – (I was freaked out more by traveling WEST to Japan and having it be tomorrow – because in the U.S. – the further West you travel, the earlier it gets) ANYWAY – don’t understand why you pre-date timestamp. Why do it? It’s the low-flow shower, isn’t it? – it’s messing with your mind!

  10. You hurt my feelwings :(.You should be THANKING me, you got a whole freakin’ post outta this!(just kidding…thanks for the lesson, Teach).Actually, you’ve gotten several posts outta my **ignorant** INQUISITIVE comments. ((*&%^% strikethrough doesn’t work on comments)

  11. Pam – OK, I usually post around 8:30pm which is 6:30am in NY, so I just set my time to the next morning so that people readddnnndg ah forget it. Come to think of it, it’s kinda lame. Everyone who wants me to stop changing timestamps – OK I’ll stop but don’t blame me if you end up going to work on Saturday.Robin – totally agree, finally figured out out how to strikethru and it doesn’t work in comments grrrr.Karmyn – I actually post-date but now i’m just being pedantic.songbird – Well spotted!!! I was disappointed with the picture because the second rainbow was much more prominent in real life.Swampy – you and I must have the same zip code.Ree – your last sentence confused me, as you have used the past tense you are implying that you are now normal, being a long time reader of ‘Confessions’ I would beg to differ.

  12. Thanks WillowTree for the kind words on my blog – you put a smile on my face!!!

  13. Oh – and I don’t care if you post date – pretime stamp thingy – whatever…becaue I never look at the time anyway – I usually only look at the date and to see what posts I’ve missed.

  14. Oh, the post above is me.Beth

  15. BTW, where is all the stuff that used to be on the right hand side? the time and all the archieve stuff and all that?

  16. Yeah, I get it. I say just post things with YOUR real time.I absolutely love the photo! Haven’t seen a rainbow that vivid since I left Hawaii.

  17. Pooh…Strikethru won’t work in comments…cause italics and bold work and so do links…Pixielyn, His sidebar is at the bottom. That’s what happens when your html code or a picture gets too big in your template..you just go in your template, find the longest thing that sticks out to the right, find a good place to put the cursor and hit ‘enter’. If it’s the photo, you have to click it to shrink it.♥PamP.S. WT, I know you live on the other side of the world…I pay no attention to the man behind the curtain…well, you know what I mean.

  18. WT. I think it’s that feral tiger you adopted that’s messing up your sidebar. Get rid of it and see if that helps. I miss your sidebar. I want it back on the top so all will be right in my life.

  19. My sidebar looks OK to me. I’ve reloaded the page and it’s still there. Ree, a couple of days ago your sidebar went missing for about 4 hours, I was going to write and tell you but I thought I’d wait to see what happened. I think it’s blogger.

  20. This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

  21. WT your sidebar is “down under”And at time I’ve been unable to get into your comments… blogger has been bad.by the way, today I discovered that I am unable to post on bloggers who have gone betaOnly can post if you do so as an anonymous…

  22. OK, so what’s all the uproar about a missing sidebar??? My entire Glob…whoops blog, sorry… went missing yesterday. It was no where to be found. I was so paranoid, I thought someone had it banished because of my misuse of the word blog… Just glad I’m able to post and share my concerns…sidebar or no sidebar.

  23. Pamela, Blogger actually says in it’s FAQ that you can’t post comments to people who have gone to Beta, other than as anon. As I said over a month ago, it will get worse before it gets better.Swampy – I can live with the uncapitalised version of glob, that doesn’t seem to jump out at me. I doubt you would be punished for your attempts to change history and call what we do globbing! There are far worse things out there.

  24. and links, damnit, how do them?Sorry for the cussing..just frustration.

  25. Sheesh, again. Well, I think you knew that I had the time deal figured. I believe there were quite a few of us that made sure you received your birthday greetings on the correct day. 🙂 Didn’t you feel loved?I love the photo. It sure looks like there is a second rainbow above the bright one. Is that right? If so, were they both full rainbows?

  26. Yeah its tamil. I adopted a penguin for my myspace and it did something similiar. He is cut off and not even fitting in his own box. Sorry WT, you might have to bring him back to the zoo. I did feed him today though.Your “sidebar” is “bottombar” right now.

  27. I found your site through Silly Hily. I loved your rainbow image so much that I have “borrowed” the photo for my Desktop. I wanted to thank you, but lost the link when I was borrowing. I am glad to find you again. Thanks for the photo.In response to Julie, I believe that all rainbows have mirror image bow; notice that the second rainbow is in the opposite order of the actual rainbow. Some mirror image bows are more visible than others.

  28. Sorry to all those who see the sidebar funny, I can’t fix what I can’t see and from this end it’s working fine.I assume you have reloaded the page. The only other things I can think of is that you have gone to beta or your browser is funky. Or the most likely scenario, blogger is fucked.

  29. 30 COMMENTS????!!! I think your mojo is back;)

  30. 31 comments. You da man.I know how to fix your sidebar. You have posted a picture that is too big somewheres. You have to find it, and size it down, then your sidebar will pop up back where it’s supposed to go.Mine does that all the time and it pisses me off.

  31. HA – 32 comments…and, sorry to tell you, but it is probably Tamil messing with your sidebar.

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