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Blogging is for the Birds

You wimmin have your Blogging Chicks, well I’ve got my own gang together and here they are…

This pretty little thing is a Crimson Rosella

This guy is an Eastern Rosella

Another shot of the Eastern Rosella

Now these bad boys are Kites, they’re tough hombres.

When they are around no one is safe, they are genuine raptors. Actually when they’re around you rarely see any other birds unless they are big ones like Magpies or Cockatoos.


14 Responses

  1. 1) Peter, when you call us “wimmin” I hear your Aussie charm and you have me wrapped around your little finger.2) Those birds are SPECTACULAR! Are they in the wild??! Pics taken at your home? Wowza!3) Then there are those tough-lookin’ little muthas in the last two shots. Gives a whole new meaning to “Let’s…go…fly a kite.”Have a great day…I…am…WIRED!

  2. Is it true what they say about Aussie men?

  3. I want some kites in my backyard. I think they could easily scare the shit out of those rogue rabbits who ate every last one of my petunias.

  4. I’m with Laura!!!! How much would the postage be on those?

  5. That was cute, I laughed. I particularly like the first chick.

  6. Noice chicks! Beautiful and vicious. Heh,heh,heh.

  7. beautiful birds – I tried to post a picture of a cute little bushtit today – but after 5 tries gave up. ARRRGGH – I’m going to repost using netscape – see how that goes.

  8. I love the pics!! And wild birds even…such gorgeous creatures!

  9. Yes the are wild and yes they are all in my yard. In fact I was inside when I took the photos, except the kites.beth, what do they say?

  10. How beautiful!! You are so fortunate to have these lovely “chicks” in your yard.

  11. um..well..I’m kind of embarrassed to tell you, Willow…it has something to do with Sheila’s.

  12. Hee hee, come on Beth…what do they say? Beautiful photos. Even the kites are pretty.

  13. Aussie men always have a “Shelia” on the side…but in Willow’s case..nope..I don’t think so!

  14. Tell me these birds aren’t in the wild. I LOVE birds. I used to stare at bird field guides when I was a little girl.I have china with birds all over it. From Hungary.I’m moving to Australia.

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