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Beanbag update.

I don’t take no crap from nobody! Especially four legged furry freeloaders!!

So whe I say no-one with more than two legs is allowed to use my new bean bag I mean it. In my house, what I say goes. And just to prove it, here’s some recent pictures.

Yesterday Morning….

Yesterday Afternoon….

Yesterday Evening….

I rest my case.

**Updated after reading Karmyn’s comment. These photos were all take after I laid down the law.


18 Responses

  1. Oh they all look so cute and cuddly, how can you get angry?I just am giggling over those pics.

  2. I had to reload firefox to get your new posts.I’m going to be gone for a few days… catching up before I leaveDo the animals shower with you too?

  3. Aww, how cute. I want to cuddle with them all.At least they are keeping it warm for you. It’s a sign of how much they love you. Looks like you need a whole line of bean bags.

  4. “You talkin’ ta me?”♥Pam

  5. Momto3, that’s the whole point! there are plenty of beanbags to go around but they all want mine and I can’t fit on theirs.

  6. Ahh yes, I can see them taking it very well. I think they might have decided to keep you!!

  7. Bentley: “If I don’t look at him, maybe he won’t see me.”Booey: “ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz” while dreaming, “I don’t care WHAT he said!”Buddy, “WhatCHU lookin’ at?”btw, looking for how to spell Booey’s name just now, I scrolled past your CSI post. That’s one of my favs of yours, it cracked me up just thinking about it (I didn’t re-read the whole thing). You ought to post it in your sidebar with the list of “Funny Ones”. Or maybe it’s just me……..!

  8. Way to stay strong.

  9. I have a question: Do they ever fight over the beanbag? Because if they were children, there would be MUCH fighting. They seem to be sharing nicely.

  10. I was wondering the same thing as Susan!! Do they fight over it?

  11. Ahahaha, your animal posts always help my day start off right. Between you and Cute Overload I can’t stop smiling :-)As for animals sleeping on places they’re not allowed, my old beagle had two favorite spots for resting his bones — regardless of how much it was frowned upon.The first was my parents room. The door was always left closed and whenever he got in there he was chased out upon his discovery, but every chance he got he’d be in there, up on their bed, sitting or curled up on the corner near the balcony door.The second spot was inside a pile of fresh-out-of-the-dryer laundry. We rarely ever saw him go in but when we’d poke the pile it would always elicit a grunt or snort from deep within. In those moments it would be amusing and if we saw his face he’d have on an expression of ultimate contentment but it always left our towels and clothing with a faint odor of canine.

  12. My love for that pugalier grows deeper every day. You can come stay at our ranch for a week if you bring us one.Well, you can come anyway. Not that you will. But if you do, please bring a pugalier.Thank you. Amen.

  13. You seem to be as tough as my husband.

  14. Susan and Claudia – No they don’t fight over it. Everyone gets on sruprisingly well (except when raw meat is ionvolved). Its funny when one of the cats takes Bentley’s favourite spot on the couch, the big sissy just keeps coming over to me and whinning expecting me to make them move, because he won’t do it. With Buddy it’s a bit diferrent, Bentley will just sit on top of him if he’s in the way.Pamela – ewwww.Robin – you are an animal telepath. And you have given me an idea for a post (a TV post).

  15. Melissa – yessiree, one word from me and they do what they like! I had to add a separate comment just for you because your’s showed up while I was doing the other one.

  16. I am so happy to know that you are in control of your household!!!

  17. Those pictures are too cute! I agree, if those were kids, there would be a lot of hair pulling. :O) I had a bean bag 8 years ago, and there was no less than 2 feline creatures in it at a time, out of 6.

  18. Dogs and cats have selective understanding AND hearing. Kobe knows not to jump on the couch, so he sleeps on my bed and drools on my pillow, because *I* haven’t recently reminded him.I am going to train him to read post-its.

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