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Close Encounters of the Weird kind

This is an actual photo of the subject of this post

It started out innocently enough, just two buddies on a bike ride, but it would end years later with the loss of an old friend. Along the way there was laughter and there were tears, there was heart stopping horror as well as a good deal of  “take that you peckerhead!”. Ok, so I’ve been reading Visible Wear again, but don’t you sometimes just want to write more than “I farted again” or “doesn’t my dog look cute”?

Meanwhile back at the story…. ET and I were riding around SJ on our bikes looking at houses (10 speeds not motorbikes, I used to do that a lot of that before I got so fat my butt overhang started getting caught in the chain). SJ is great for bike riding because the city itself is very flat, and there’s a million different types of houses to look at.

We were just coasting, no need for a sweat here, when I spotted something on the road. It was small and pink, and when I rode over to get a closer look I  saw it was some kind of flexible plastic doll about 8 inches tall. It looked like a little baby but it wasn’t, I found out much later that it was an action figure of one of those little guys who came out of the spaceship in Close Encounters of the Third Kind. But as I had never seen the film I didn’t recognize it.

ET hadn’t seen Close Encounters either (and yes I get the irony), but for some strange reason he  gave a noticeable shudder when he looked at it, no kidding! This thing really freaked him out, it did for years! So after my initial glee at weirding him out, I just put it in my backpack and we continued our ride.

Later that night I snuck into his and Peg’s room and hid it under his pillow. The next morning at breakfast he was none too pleased with me, I mean this thing really bothered him. The next night, I got up around midnight to get a snack (I always do, it’s a standing joke),  and when I opened the fridge door, there he was sitting on the top shelf waiting for me.

Things just got rapidly worse form there, I put him in the Cornflakes, ET put him in my lunch box , I stuck him in a pair of ET’s socks in his sock draw, ET  actually froze him into some ice-cream (don’t worry, he was given a good wash before any of this happened, well at least before the ice cream). You can see where I’m going with this, so I won’t belabor the point other than to emphasize that there were some really creative ideas.

Even after I returned to Oz, the weird little guy used to travel back and forth across the ocean courtesy of both the US Postal Service and Australia Post. Only now he took to getting dressed up in old Barbie outfits. This went on for years until finally some kid that ET knew wanted to join the fun, so we sent it to him and we never saw the little space guy again. But it was fun while it lasted.


17 Responses

  1. Dude. After reading this I officially love you. Anyone who hides aliens found in the side of the road in food products is okay by me.You great big masculine, man’s man.

  2. This one goes in the little side bar, friend. ET and ET deserve a permanent place, don’t you think? Maybe with a little pic of your well-traveled “friend”.Oh, my, though, the visual you created “fat…butt overhang started getting caught in the chain“, too, too funny. You outta shoot that little mutha who messed up this game….

  3. Ha! I like the part when it traveled across the ocean wearing Barbie clothes. NEVER lose that thing.

  4. WT, there should be a hall of fame for you two!! These stories are hysterical! How funny!!!

  5. HILARIOUS! You got me ROFL this morning! I wonder where I could find one of these little guys? I would have big fun messing with my sons. Heh,heh,heh…..

  6. LOVE this post!! It’s fun like that that makes life worth living!I actually have one of these silly things – but mine is neon green. I say “mine,” but it belongs to the sprout.

  7. Woohoo, second blog I’ve run across today where I’m referenced in today’s subject :-DThat aside, everything about this post is awesome. The dramatic, attention-grabbing opener, the self-deprecating humor, the irony, the hilariously escalating attacks with the alien, the sense of nostalgia.Excellent!

  8. GREAT piece, Pete. I don’t have an ET, but I do have an orange traffic cone. It has been passed back and forth between an old friend and myself for years. Harder to hide, so it takes some plotting and planning.It is still in my garage, I am waiting for Christmas. And speaking of Christmas, my family has a tradition of passing back and forth a set of nipple rings, usually in very ornate jewelry boxes. They are always good for a laugh. I’ve only been on the receiving end of them once.

  9. Jenny’s only trying to make up for the “he’s a GUY?!” comment. ;)Seriously, I love Jenny. LOVE. I’m mocking her in various comment boxes for one day only.

  10. Laura, your family is *so* much cooler than mine.

  11. That was a great post – you had me a little worried when I first saw the picture. I was waiting for some freaky alien sighting story (and I probably would believe you).That thing is freaky! – and what a bummer that it got lost and ended something fun – although you still give packages to each other, right? Too bad you couldn’t find another one – OH – just send ET the picture of the thing. That would be hilarious!

  12. Jenny – aww shucks I love you too! Too bad I know you only said that because of the whole mistaken gender identity thing.Robin, Ree, C, Tiggerlane, Susan – thanks for the compliments, they really matter.James – whoa thanks! anyone who doesn’t read your stuff should!!Laura – an orange traffic cone, interesting…..Karmyn – that’s a good idea, a picture! Yeah it was a real bitch when the kid thought a one way trip was OK my him.Unfortunately I never got a picture of him in a barbie outfit, but I can tell you he looked smoothe in a wig.

  13. Actually you’d have only gotten a “you’re swell!” for a mistaken gender issue. The “I love you” was due to the fact that you have a pug (well kind of a pug) and I luuurv pugs. I love them like I love cake.And vicariously I love anyone who has a pug. Except Mel Gibson.And now I’m going to go find Melissa so I can punch her in the face with my British label-maker.

  14. Awwww, I thought you were gonna post about an alien sighting in your yard. Great story though!! Glad the little “critter” brought so much fun to you and your friend.Re: your comment on my SECOND McConaughey post…..You will simply have to forgive me. I don’t have a spouse so I think I’m entitled to a little healthy lust!! You should find my current post much more to your liking. Cheers! SB

  15. I still laughing at your friends initials. So appropriate for this post.Phone home.

  16. I say we waste the friend…f*ckwit.Oh, maybe I better go to bed before this gets ugly.Thanks, BTW, for commenting on my most recent post.♥Pam

  17. Oh no. I have incited Jenny violence. And I just made friends! nooooo!

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