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You know you’re in the Country when…

Gross out alert: I must warn you that the last (5th) photo is pretty gross.

You know you’re in the country when…

there is plain evidence

that people are friendly

the local radio plays so much country music

you need barbed wire for an antenna

…your dogs have horses to chase

instead of cars

…the horseshoes in your neighbour’s shed

aren’t for decoration

you have a 30 mile round trip for takeout

while the pets just have to go outside


13 Responses

  1. Now THAT’S some carnage that I’ve never seen before! Joey? Wombat? Jackrabbit? I can’t tell.

  2. Thanks for the warning, but I still gagged. I’m laughing, WT, because I’m rendered speechless.Fun post……..and then THAT! Funny that you posted roadkill (ok, yard kill), and the other day I thought about taking a picture of a skunk that had been hit by a car to blog about; I only considered doing so, because it was barely mutilated and still looked “skunk-pretty”. You, on the other hand……

  3. My first thought when I saw that was, “Is it a baby Ostrich or Emu?”Then I saw what looked like either Joey feet or Jackrabbit legs. Hard to tell.THE BEST PIC – Your dogs running after who I assume is your neighbor. They look so happy – big doggy grins. (My Zoe got into a horse pasture and ate a bunch of manure once…she had such bad gas that she couldn’t walk. We rushed her to the vet, thinking the horse had kicked her – but after x-rays, she just had gas….and a lot of it. Her stomach and digestive system has never been the same since)

  4. what the hell is that???

  5. I was at my daughter’s soccer practice last month – which is on the military base. Most bases because of their remote locations have a lot of jackrabbits running around. You get used to seeing them after a while.Anyway I went over to tie her shoe and I saw just, uh, a jackrabbit leg. Like eating that last leg would have just made the other creature too full. *ugh*

  6. Well. Damn. In all fairness, you did warn us. But, I just couldn’t help myself. Yuck.

  7. I love this post!! Rural life is the same all over the world I guess.

  8. Silly wabbit…doesn’t he know Twix aren’t just for kids…should eat them and maybe run faster. As for the predator, wabbit legs are the tastiest part.

  9. Did you change the time stamp on the comments now?

  10. It was a wascally wabbit. So according to the picture I should have double helpings of good luck!

  11. beth, as per instructions from you guys, I’m leaving my posting timestamp as it actually is (ie I’m not changing it). The comments timestamp reflects the time it is here when you post a comment. I’ve never done anything with the comments timestamp, blogger does it automatically.

  12. Love the post! The barbed wire antenna I have not seen before. Interesting. I wonder if I could convince some hicks around here that it works. LOL

  13. Great pictures! I enjoyed them.I feel sad about the poor creature at the end though. It’s the mommy in me.

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