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No particular reason.

I initially thought of posting these photos just becasue they are cute, hence the title of the post. But when I uploaded them I realised that there is in fact a point to it all.

Firstly, this shows Buddy as the top dog. He has to do this, for sadly outside his fantasy world, he is at the bottom of the pecking order. Occassionally he gathers his pack together, though in truth I don’t think he does it on purpose (he’s not that bright), it is usually as a result of him wrestling with them and they just end up all together.

Secondly, (and I didn’t realise this until I had tranfered the pic to my computer) this demonstrates that it makes no diferrence whether the dogs are real or not, once a butt sniffer – always a butt sniffer.


15 Responses

  1. This makes me fall more in love with Buddy. 🙂 He is top dog in my book.

  2. LOL, that’s an adorable photo. Can hardly tell at first glance which is which (stuffed vs. live).♥Pam

  3. I agree with Julie!! he’s adorable. I love the bottom pic!

  4. So squeezably soft.Why do Dogs sniff butts?So they can say, “How do you doodoo?”

  5. Awwwwww….Buddy is a cutie!!

  6. Sweet, precious, adorable, darling, lovable little dog! I think that about covers it.

  7. Do you loan Buddy out to Americans? Cutie!

  8. That face…:)Me thinks he’s saying “Don’t knock it til you’ve tried it!”giggles

  9. You’re…mean. I can just hear his grunty breathing. I can just smell his breath. By the way, does he have a vinegar spot? That’s what my mom called Puggy Sue’s deep crevice above her nose. It collected nasty stuff and eventually smelled like vinegar. I’d have to stick Q-tips in there and fish the stuff out.Just wondering.

  10. Soooo cute 🙂 I love dogs.

  11. Hi,I think Buddy is relating to his stuffed animal dog pack a little too well.Janice~

  12. Cute! Spoiled. . .LOL on the butt sniffer! ! !

  13. okay, never mind. I want him for my own. Forget all that borrowing nonsense! ;)My dog thinks she’s a cat, and has placed herself firmly at the end of the pecking order behind psycho thyroid cat and angry garage cat. When the cats hiss and put their paws up to claw at her, she thinks they’re playing and so she barks and plops her paws up and down. In her defense, she is not yet a year old, and they’re the only animals she’s ever been around. She actually doesn’t know what to do with most dogs, except her buddy next door who is this overweight (130 lbs!) husky. I don’t think she’s the alpha dog in that relationship either…

  14. Hah, this makes me wonder if all small dogs suffer from some degree of Napoleon complex. I can picture that little guy stuffed in a royal blue suit, pointed hat on, leading his army of stuffed canines 😀

  15. Ree – He doesn’t have what your talking about, the slightly elongated nose causes the top of the snout to be flat (thank goodness). Sounds like it’s eye gunk that’s accumulating, I have to wipe his eyes fairly regularly, yuck!Melissa – I call Buddy mt catdog, he’s not sure what he is either.James – that’s a great mental image and really suits (excuse the pun) the little guy.To Julie, Pam, Claudia, Karmyn, Songbird, Susan, Robin, Debs, Janice and Shauna – he’s mine, mine I tell ya!!! But Buddy thanks you for the compliments.

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